Mkicesky Cervical Pillow Review: Is This The Pillow for You?

We’re taking a look at several cervical pillows to see which one is the best. Today, we’re reviewing the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow. Mkicesky says it is an ergonomically designed memory foam therapeutic pillow made specifically to help you get a good night’s sleep. They claim the pillow is packed with special features that set it apart from other therapeutic pillows on the market.

After taking a close look at this pillow, we feel this is a good buy for people with neck problems. In most cases, neck pain and back pain was reduced using this pillow and the company’s claims of people sleeping better are true.

Take a look at the current price for this pillow here. Or read on to get the nitty gritty on this pillow…

Learn More About the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow
This cervical pillow is a good choice for people experiencing neck or back pain. Check the current price on Amazon. >>

Features of The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow:

The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is an ergonomically designed memory foam pillow that will comfortably fit most people. The pillow is uniquely contoured featuring two different heights on either side allowing you to choose whether you want a more low-profile or high-profile pillow. This design feature ensures that you get the best, most comfortable custom fit.

The design conforms to the natural shape of your body to provide superior comfort. The soft contours help improve your posture while you sleep by cradling your head which allows your spine to remain neutral alleviating tension on your neck and back.

Unlike it’s more dense competitors, the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is soft and breathable. It is made out of 60-density slow-rebound memory foam which provides ample support without being uncomfortably hard. The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow will not turn hard when it is chilly outside and it will not flatten or lose its shape over time like your regular pillow. The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow comes with a soft, hypoallergenic pillowcase that can be removed and machine washed. You also have the option to use your own pillow case instead.

For those suffering from shoulder pain or arm numbness, the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is designed to follow the natural curve of your neck and shoulders creating a perfect fit for most individuals. This design feature will help alleviate stiffness you may encounter when using a regular pillow.

Stand Out Design Feature:

Does your snoring keep your partner awake and drive them crazy? The contours on the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow are made to support the natural curve of your neck. This allows you to not only sleep more comfortably, but it also enables you to breathe more freely which will reduce snoring. Both you and your partner will benefit from a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Additional Design Features Include:

  • Hollow design to reduce head pressure and increase ventilation
  • Centered slope that cradles the head and neck
  • CeriPUR-US Certified memory foam that will not flatten or lose its shape over time

The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is packed with impressive features that help alleviate neck and back pain and encourage a better night sleep earning this pillow a rating of 9 out of 10 for features in a therapeutic pillow.

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How Do Other Customers Feel About the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow?

I have rated the customer satisfaction of the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow at a 9.2 out of 10 due to the great feedback from various types of sleepers. Back sleepers have reported the best results raving that the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow not only alleviates neck and back pain but also helps migraines, snoring, and those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Many consumers have reported that the contour design keeps them from tossing and turning and night and they often wake up in the morning in the same position they fell asleep.

Side sleepers also had great things to say about the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow. Just like back sleepers, side sleepers also reported reduced neck and back pain in addition to reduced shoulder pain. People who previously experienced numbing in their arms while side sleeping also reported no numbness while using the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow.

It should also be noted that the hollow design in the center of the pillow paired with the soft hypoallergenic pillow case is gentle on your skin and face ensuring a comfortable night sleep no matter which side you sleep on.

Is The Mkicesky Pillow Actually Comfortable Though?

Like many ergonomically designed memory foam pillows, the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow can take a couple days to get used to. Those who have never used a therapeutic pillow may feel uncomfortable at first, but happy customers will assure you that once you get used to this pillow, the results will amaze you. The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow will help reduce neck, back, and shoulder pain, alleviates muscle stiffness and helps your muscles relax. Countless people have raved about the comfort of the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow earning it a comfort rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Learn More About the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow
This cervical pillow is a good choice for people experiencing neck or back pain. Check the current price on Amazon. >>

Is the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow Worth It?

The prices for therapeutic pillows vary immensely depending on the brand and features. The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is priced very competitively and boasts far more features than the standard middle of the road therapeutic pillow. In addition, it is made from high quality materials like CeriPUR-US Certified memory foam. For these reasons, I have rated it an 8.5 out of 10 for value.

Final Thoughts

The Mkicesky Cervical Pillow is an amazing choice for a therapeutic pillow. Whether you are enduring chronic neck and back pain, driving your partner crazy with loud snoring, suffering from sleep apnea, or just not getting a good night’s sleep, the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow can help.

The soft, ergonomically designed, contoured memory foam will cradle your head, support your neck and straighten your spine providing you with a much needed peaceful and pain free night’s sleep. Sleep Detectives have awarded the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow an overall rating of 9.1 out of 10.

Check the latest pricing for the Mkicesky Cervical Pillow on Amazon>>

Sleep Detectives Tip: Are you not sure if your current pillow is correctly holding your posture while you sleep? Lay down with your head on your pillow and try to balance a pen on your forehead. If the pen stays put, you have a correct, healthy posture. However, if the pen rolls off of your face, your spine is not straight while you are sleeping and you need a pillow that properly supports your head, neck, and back.

Related Questions:

Why is a Good Night’s Sleep So Important?

In addition to just plain feeling good, the benefits of sleeping well at night are endless. Some important benefits include better energy control, improved cognitive health, improved memory, and a stronger immune system to help fight off illnesses and infections.

A healthy sleep schedule also helps maintain weight and hormone levels. Sleeping well can also aids in heart health by maintaining normal blood flow and improving cardiovascular function.  Allowing your body to rest and recover at night by achieving a peaceful night’s sleep is essential to healthy living.

Do I Really Need a Cervical Pillow?

If the regular pillow you currently use fails to properly support your spine, your spine can gradually fall out of alignment putting strain on your disks causing neck, back, shoulder, and even hip pain. A cervical pillow supports the natural alignment of your spine and can even improve your posture while you sleep.

If you suffer from neck or back pain, wake up in the morning feeling sore, suffer from numbness in your arms at night or deal with any other common sleep ailments, a cervical pillow may be right for you.

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