Are Pillowcases the Same as Pillow Protectors: What’s the Difference?

If you already have a pillowcase, why would you need a pillow protector? What’s the difference? A pillow protector can improve your sleep experience by protecting your pillow from becoming dirty, making you cooler, assisting with allergies, and preventing feathers from poking you during the night. Keep reading to discover why pillow protectors are important and explore the many features that a pillow protector can provide.

Are Pillow Protectors the Same as Pillowcases

Are Pillowcases the Same as Pillow Protectors: What’s the Difference?

Pillowcases are soft, gentle on the skin, and intended to make your bedspread look more fashionably cohesive. Pillow protectors prevent your pillow from becoming damaged over time and expand the lifespan of the pillow.

Pillow protectors can expand the lifespan of a pillow in numerous ways. Many pillows will lose their structure if they are washed directly, so it is important to have a protective surface between your body and the pillow. Here is a list of things that your pillow can be protected from with the help of a pillow protector:

  • Skin oils and dander
  • Pet hair and pet dander
  • Spills
  • Bed bugs, dust mites, and fleas
  • Allergens

If you are a parent, a pillow protector can be a wise investment. The right pillow protector can keep your pillows safe from spills and playtime dirt.

We love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we want them on our pillows. Pet owners should also strongly consider pillow protectors, especially if their pets spend time on the bed. Pillow protectors can guard against dirt and unwanted critters that pets bring in from outdoor adventures, as well as keep them safe from pet hair and pet dander.

Pillow protectors are multi-functional and can help improve your pillow experience in a variety of ways. Continue reading to help decide what abilities you want your pillow protector to have.

Waterproof Pillow Protectors

Waterproof or water-resistant pillow protectors can be a lifesaver for people who tend to sweat or drool in their sleep. Owning a waterproof pillow protector means that stains will no longer infiltrate your pillow.

If you’re a parent, having waterproof pillow protectors can save you a lot of time and stress. Waterproof pillow protectors can keep your child’s pillow safe from potty training mishaps, along with any other spills that might happen along the way.

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Cooling Pillow Protectors

Many people complain of becoming too hot in the middle of the night, but they often don’t know that they can improve their pillows with a pillow protector instead of searching for a new one.

Purchasing pillow protectors can be frustrating for people who sweat during the night because a common side effect of the protective layers in a pillow protector is heat retention. This shouldn’t prevent you from your quest to protect your pillow.

Pillow protectors can help improve the breathability of a pillow not only by adding a protective barrier but also by incorporating cooling technology into the design. One way of accomplishing a cooling sensation is to purchase a pillow protector with a high percentage of bamboo fibers.

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Hypoallergenic Pillow Protectors

If you struggle with seasonal allergies, then making your pillow one less thing for you to worry about is in your best interest. Pillow protectors come in hypoallergenic versions that are used to prevent dust, pollen, and pet dander from permanently entering your pillow.

If you have allergies, the last thing you want is the pillow you rest your face on for eight hours a night to accumulate the allergens that make you feel ill. Having a hypoallergenic pillow protector can prevent you from having to wash your pillow and lose its integrity.

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Feather-Proof Pillow Protectors

If you have a feather or down pillow, then you may have experienced the less than a pleasant sensation of feathers poking through and jabbing you uncomfortably when you shift in your sleep.

Feather-proof pillow protectors are the best option for people who are most comfortable on feather pillows but are consistently having problems with the feathers coming through the pillowcase.

Feather-proof pillow protectors are designed with thick, protective liners on the inside of the pillow case to prevent even the sharpest feathers from getting through. If you’re looking for a well-reviewed feather-proof pillow protector then click here to learn more.

Bed Bug Prevention Pillow Protectors

It only takes one bed bug entering the home to create an infestation. Bed bugs are widespread in the United States and are easy to encounter through public spaces or traveling.

It’s a common misconception that bed bugs only enter dirty homes. In reality, they are happy to tail along on anybody’s clothes that they come in contact with and are more than happy in even the tidiest homes.

Having pillow protectors that keep bed bugs out can add greatly to your peace of mind if your house gets an infestation. Without the pillow protectors, your pillows will need to be dried on high heat or thrown away to eliminate the pests.

Drying your pillows on high heat can decrease the integrity and support of your pillows. Using a bed bug pillow protector before bugs enter your home, can at least make the safety of your pillows one less thing to worry about.

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If I Have a Pillow Protector Do I Still Need a Pillowcase?

After hearing about all the amazing services that pillow protectors can provide, you might be wondering if you even need a pillowcase at all. Apart from matching the rest of your bedspread, it is always beneficial to have an additional barrier between your face and your pillow. Pillowcases prevent pillow protectors from having to be washed as frequently.

Pillow protectors often get complaints of being noisy or uncomfortable depending on the material that they’re made of and the purpose that they’re trying to fulfill. For example, waterproof pillow protectors tend to retain heat due to the waterproofing layer that reduces breathability.

Strongly protective pillow protectors may have rough, uncomfortable fabric that isn’t ideal for sleeping on directly. Pillowcases are designed to be gentle on your skin and soothing to fall asleep against.

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Both pillow protectors and pillowcases have important roles to fill in your sleep experience. Pillow protectors not only keep your pillow from coming into contact with dirt, insects, and allergens but can also provide a wide range of functions.

It is important to carefully consider what qualities you would most like to have in your pillow protector before making a purchase. Pillow protectors can assist different sleeping needs whether you are a hot sleeper, susceptible to allergies, fighting feathers, or just trying to keep your pillow safe. It is undeniable that investing in a pillow protector is a smart decision.

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