Our Aikoful Goose Down Pillow Review

Everyone gets a little moody when they don’t have a good night’s sleep. Finding the best pillow to match your sleeping habits is imperative, so let us help narrow down your search. If you are a fan of soft, fluffy, feather-filled pillows, then the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow might be the right option for you.

Aikoful Goose Down Pillow Review

Our Aikoful Goose Down Pillow Review: How Does it Stack Up?

The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is a soft but supportive down-filled pillow that is great for side sleepers who like the feel of a traditional down pillow. The pillow is packed with 85% feathers and 15% down for a fluffy but firm feeling. People who want a down pillow but struggle with sinking to the bottom may find this pillow to be ideal.

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Aikoful Goose Down Pillow
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Review of Aikoful Goose Down Pillow

We rated the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow in several basic categories: comfort, value, quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Here are the results:

Customer Satisfaction
  • Filled to the brim with feathers and down
  • Stays full when being slept on
  • Remains cool
  • Flexible and moldable to your shape
  • Soft while still providing support
  • Density of feathers is a little non-traditional for down pillows
  • Pillowcase is not 100% cotton
  • Needs additional zippered case to keep feathers from poking through
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Who Would Enjoy the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow?

  • Side sleepers
  • Fans of traditional down pillows
  • People looking for a combination of support and softness
  • People who become hot while sleeping

Many people become so accustomed to sleeping on down pillows that they don’t feel comfortable sleeping on anything else. This can be difficult since so many pillows on today’s market are made from synthetic materials.

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The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow guarantees that it is 85% feathers and 15% down. This means it can be a major relief for those who are attached to the traditional down-filled pillows. The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow has the nostalgic feeling of a traditional down pillow, while still delivering the support you need.

More than half of the United States population sleeps on their sides. As a side sleeper myself, I’ve had difficulty with down pillows allowing me to sink too much and failing to give me proper support throughout the night.

However, the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow kept my head lifted with the sheer amount of feathers inside. This pillow claims to be created with the intent of fitting a side sleeper, and I have to agree. A stomach sleeper who is looking for the sinking feeling of a traditional down pillow might not find as much comfort as I did.

Additionally, people who tend to sleep hot may enjoy this pillow because it stays cool throughout the night. There is breathability to this pillow, and it prevented me from waking up due to overheating.

Sizes and Other Options

One drawback of the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is the small size range that it offers. The Aikoful Goose Down pillow is only available in queen and king sizes. The queen-sized pillows are measured at 30″L x 20”W and the king-sized are at 36″L x 20”W. For someone looking for a body-sized pillow or a standard pillow, these sizing options might be a bit inconvenient.

It is worth mentioning that the queen pillows are available in sets of two for a discounted price if you are interested in buying more than one pillow for your bed. This is a fantastic offer since the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is already considered to be affordable.

If you are still unsure if the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is right for you, then don’t worry. If you do not like your pillows or decide that the size doesn’t suit the bed that you placed them on, then you can return your Aikoful Goose Down Pillow for a refund according to their satisfaction guarantee.

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What Else Should You Know?

It is strongly suggested that you shake your Aikoful Goose Down Pillow upon receiving it or throw it against a flat surface to help fluff it out. When I received my Aikoful Goose Down Pillow, I unwrapped it from the vacuum-sealed packaging and tossed it as instructed. I then left it out to sit and fluff up for twenty-four hours before using it.

If you determine any plastic-like smell left from the vacuum-sealed packaging, then it’s suggested to leave your pillow out in a sunny place to dispel any remaining scent from shipping. This was not a problem that I experienced, but someone who is extremely sensitive to outside smells may complain of this issue.

My only real complaint about the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is the case that it comes in. The case is a bit stiff and makes a soft rustling sound when you move too much. This might be a concern for those who are easily bothered by small sounds while sleeping. Many people struggle with down pillows because they tend to let feathers poke through. The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is not an exception to this flaw but adding a new zippered, protective cover around my pillow solved both of my frustrations.

If you are looking for the best support, then try checking out a cervical memory foam pillow. If you are a lover of cushiony soft pillows that won’t let you sink to the bottom, then the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow could fit your needs.

Aikoful Goose Down Pillow
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What Do Other Customers Think?

Similarly to our review, other customer reviews about the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow are vastly positive. Many people say that they were surprised by the support that the pillows deliver. The majority considered the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow to be more than a bargain at its price point.

Some customers state that they believe that the case the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow comes in is not the 100% Egyptian cotton that the pillow claims. However, I did not have any problems with the case being less soft than expected since I don’t intend to lay directly on the pillow. The addition of my own soft, cotton, pillowcase eliminated any concerns that I had about the case it came in.

Most customers found that the Aikoful Goose Down Pillow stays pleasantly cool and relieves the tension that builds up after a day of hard work. I woke up well-rested after a peaceful night’s sleep.


The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow offers a happy medium of support and comfort for side sleepers looking for a queen or king-sized pillow for their beds. The Aikoful Goose Down Pillow is made from high quality feathers and down. It is affordable at its price point and is worth considering if you are most comfortable sleeping on a down or feather pillow.

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