Is Sleeping in Your Clothes Bad for You? Here’s Our Recommendation…

Is sleeping in your clothes bad for you? No – sleeping with your clothes on is not bad for you, but sleeping naked might be better! When it comes to your sleep, temperature, and comfort are important. The fabrics that you wear – or don’t wear to bed – impact your health and your relationship. Here you will find our recommendations and find our guides to better sleep.

is sleeping clothes bad for you heres our recommendation

Is Sleeping in Your Clothes Bad for You? Here’s Our Recommendation…

Sleeping naked can have a lot of benefits. In a global sleep survey, one-third of our British counterparts reported a preference for sleeping naked. Sleeping naked has health, comfort, and relationship benefits – but that doesn’t mean sleeping naked is right for every person in every season.

At the end of the day, no clothes are better than catching Zzz’s in dirty clothes. And just like Goldilocks and the porridge – the temperature needs to be just right.

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Is it Better to Sleep with Clothes On or Off?

Is it better to sleep with your clothes off? According to WebMD, sleeping naked can have a lot of health, relational, and comfort benefits. People who sleep naked often have better rest because their bodies are less likely to overheat while sleeping.

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What are the Health Benefits of Sleeping Naked?

Sleeping naked benefits your health because sleeping naked makes it easier for the body to regulate its temperature. When people sleep in cooler environments their bodies burn fat more efficiently and rest more deeply.

Rest is an important element of a healthy cardiovascular and nervous system. Rest helps the body fight infections and clear toxins.

Sleeping naked with your partner can increase your oxytocin levels and create strong relational bonds. Sleeping naked with your partner can increase opportunities for intimacy— helping partners feel close and grounded in their relationships.

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What is the Healthiest Thing to Wear to Bed?

Picking the right fabrics for sleep is important. Most clothing contains synthetic fibers which increase your exposure to toxic chemicals like glyphosate (round up) when you sleep. When considering fibers for sleep you should consider the fabrics in your sheets and your pajamas.

The fabrics of your sheets and pajamas will determine whether you have a warm or a cool night’s sleep. People who sleep cooler tend to have deeper and healthier sleep.

Cotton is breathable, washable, soft and comfortable – but cotton might not be warm enough for winter months. Flannel is a great thick fabric for sleep – but like it’s cotton counterpart, flannel might not work all year long. Many people use cotton in warmer months and flannel when the temperature is cooler.

When picking out your sheets and pajamas think about the season. Select sheets and outfits that will help your body regulate its temperature in your environment.

Considering new sheets? Read this review of luxury sheets to help simplify your decision-making process.

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Is it Bad to Sleep with Black Clothes on?

No – there is no evidence to suggest that sleeping with black clothes on is bad for you. There are benefits to wearing black clothes in the sun because the color black can deflect the sun’s rays. Wearing the color black to bed is a personal preference. The wearer of black pajamas will not suffer any negative health consequences.

sleeping in your clothes bad for you heres our recommendation
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Sleeping in Clothes You Wore All Day

Sleeping in the clothes you wore all day is unhygienic. An unhygienic sleeping environment can have negative health consequences. Your clothes collect sweat, dandruff, oils, and dirt throughout the day. Sleeping in the clothes you wore during the day will transfer these pollutants and grime on to your sheets.

When getting ready for bed, clean pajamas should be a part of every bedtime routine. You wouldn’t go to bed without brushing your teeth – changing into clean pajamas should be a part of the same healthy bedtime routine.

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Is it Bad to Sleep with Pants on?

No – it is not bad to sleep with pants on. In fact, there are no rules for what to wear for sleep. The most important factor to consider when selecting pajamas is comfort. Loose fitting clothes are more comfortable for sleep than tight fitting clothes.

When trying to decide what you should wear to bed, comfort should be your number one concern. Comfortable sleep is healthy sleep. To sleep healthy, a person should select an outfit that will help their body adjust to the temperature of their sleeping environment.

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Can Sleeping Naked Help You Lose Weight?

A study published in 2014 by the National Institute of Health, suggests that sleeping naked can help you lose weight. Participants in the study who were exposed to cooler overnight temperatures for a month had an increase in brown-fat (good fat) and a corresponding increases metabolism.

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Should I Sleep Naked in the Wintertime?

The health benefits that come from sleeping cooler do not mean that you should always bare all. If it is cold, then don’t be afraid to layer up.

If your body is working too hard to regulate its temperature, then your sleep will be less restful. When you do need to sleep with clothes on, remember that natural and organic fibers are always best. We suggest cotton and cotton flannel fibers for healthy and comfortable sleep.

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Tips for Sleeping Naked

Good sleep is an important element of your overall health. One way to improve the quality of your sleep is to help your body regulate its sleeping temperature. Sleeping naked makes it easier for your body to regulate its temperature. If you are ready to try sleeping naked, we have tips to help you with the transition:

  1. Give yourself a sleep makeover. Treat yourself to a sleep make over. Revamp your sleeping space with an air purifier, an updated memory foam mattress, or new sheets. No matter what your budget – there is sure to be something that can make your sleeping space feel renewed and refreshed.
  2. Talk to your partner. Let your partner know that you are going to make the transition to sleeping naked and invite them to join you. Don’t feel embarrassed about this conversation. Explain the health benefits of sleeping naked. Tell your partner that sleeping naked together will make you both feel more bonded and grounded in your relationship.
  3. Ease into the transition. Start your transition by sleeping in your shirt and underwear first. Then, when you are comfortable sleeping in a shirt and underwear transition into sleeping in just your underwear.
  4. Go buff when ready! When you are completely comfortable sleeping in your underwear, try the transition to sleeping nude.

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