Our In-Depth Vecelo Daybed Review: Here’s Our Take

If you’re looking for a bed that can accommodate family and friends for sleepovers, then you should consider the Vecelo Daybed.

It is a must-have bed for every household. A versatile bed that you can use in any room and for different purposes. For instance, you can use it as a sofa during the day, then later as a bed. 

I was blown away by its multifunctionality. 

Vecelo Daybed Review

It is one of few beds that I fit nicely in my bedroom, guest room, and office. I’ve put together this Vecelo Daybed review to answer some frequently asked questions about the Vecelo Daybed.

But before we dive in, first things first:

Our Vecelo Daybed Review: Here are the Results:

Vecelo Daybed is a multifunctional bed for homes, offices, and guest rooms. It comes with a mattress foundation. You can use it as a children’s bed or even a sofa for your guest room. 

The Vecelo Daybed is a great value. As you read this Vecelo Daybed Review you’ll find out why. At first, I was also not sure about this. But once I bought it, one thing became clear: This is good value for my money. 

Additionally, the Vecelo Daybed has a simple and smarter design. You’ll love everything about its classical design, from its flower appearance headboard to its delicate frame. Another notable advantage of the Vecelo Daybed is that it doesn’t take a lot of room. 

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We rated this product in several categories, including ease of assembly, quality, value, multi-functionality, and value. 

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Is a Vecelo Daybed Stable and Durable? 

Thanks to its solid steel frame, it may last you for years. Especially if you take good care of it. It is sturdy and can accommodate up to a 12-inch pillow top mattress. The metal frame of the Vecelo Daybed has square slats that make this bed stable and durable. 

What I like most about my Vecelo Daybed is that the slats are strong enough to prevent the mattress from sliding. Interestingly, it fits most standard twin-size beds.  

Is a Vecelo Daybed Easy to Assemble? 

Most definitely! I found it pretty easy to build my Vecelo Daybed. It comes with all instructions to make assembling your bed painless and quick. You’ll know which parts to fit in and which tools to use. 

At first, I thought I’ll wait for my partner to come back from work to help me. But then, I decided to challenge myself. And it only took less than an hour to assemble this bed.

It comes with zip ties, and all pieces are wrapped in plastic. You’ll find screws, bolts, and a wrench in the package. What’s more, the box itself is not heavy. It weighs around 50 lbs and is over 6 ft in length.  So you will be able to drag it up to a 3rd-floor apartment.

Once you get the box opened, the first thing you should do is fit the rails together. Each rail comes with pieces, legs, and a centerpiece. Then you need to put the back, then tighten the bolts with a wrench. You’ll also get to put your trundle on. Please make sure you avoid the temptation of using power tools. 

If you follow the instructions well, it will take you about 40 minutes with two people to assemble it.

 Follow these instructions if you are unsure of how to assemble your bed.

Is a Vecelo Daybed Multifunctional? 

Yes! A Vecelo Daybed is multifunctional, which means you can use it as a comfortable seat and a bed at night.

It comes with a sturdy frame that will hold your standard twin-size mattress, and you’ll need any springs to support it. You can also have it in your office and let your children sleep on it when they visit.

Is Vecelo DayBed Perfect for a farmhouse?

Absolutely! The Vecelo Daybed is ideal for any farmhouse. It looks stunning for our farmhouse, and its boho design makes it such a perfect fit. My six-year-old son sleeps on it, and he says it’s one of the most comfortable beds. 

Can I use Vecelo Daybed for my Spare Room?

Yes, you can. If you have a spare room that you occasionally use, you can also get a Vecelo Daybed. 

When there are no guests, you can turn the bed into a couch. Add a bunch of more pillows and make a comfy couch to sit on and binge on Netflix movies. Or just cuddle with your dog. 

What’s the Weight Limit of the Vecelo Daybed?

Unfortunately, the Vecelo has a 220lb weight limit. And includes the weight of the mattress itself. So if you’ll be sharing the bed with someone, and your combined weight exceeds 220 pounds, your Vecelo Daybed may break under pressure.

In addition, avoid jumping with your kids up and down on it. 

Is it a Day Bed or Sofa Bed?

A Vecelo Daybed or sofa bed is multifunctional. You can use it as both a daybed and a sofa bed. But the most crucial thing you should keep in mind is that it has a limited amount of weight it can carry.

 How to make a Vecelo Daybed from a Single Bed?

Unfortunately not. The Vecelo Daybed is available as a twin bed. It’s a Twin Size Daybed Dimensions are as follows: 78. 9″ L x 41. 2″W x 39. 1″H (L x W x H). Only one twin-size mattress can fit on a daybed and one twin-size mattress on a trundle.  You can have a mattress and bed separately.

Does a Vecelo Daybed need a board to Support the Mattress?

Interestingly, this bed doesn’t need any board to keep the mattress. The slats are sturdy enough to support your mattress. You have an option to put on a memory foam mattress.

Will a twin-size XL mattress Fit This Bed? 

Unfortunately, an XL mattress won’t fit this bed. Vecelo comes with a standard twin mattress, which is a perfect fit!

Is the Vecelo Daybed Affordable?

Yes, the Vecelo Daybed is one of the few affordable beds on the market. Expect to pay between $85 to $95.

What are the Colors of the Vecelo Daybed?

The Vecelo is available in Classic Black, Versatile Black, Victorian Black, Victorian, and pure white. 

Can Vecelo Daybeds be Used Every Day?

Absolutely. All Vecelo Daybeds are durable enough to be used daily. Besides sleeping on them, you can use them as a sofa. 

Still, you need to ensure that you assemble your bed properly. When your bed is not assembled with all the screws, it is likely to get damaged somehow. 

The Vecelo Daybed
Vecelo DayBed is a multifunctional Victorian Style Metal daybed. It is perfect for accommodating guests for sleepovers. You can have it in your bedroom, guest room, or office. To learn more about the Vecelo Daybed, click the button to the right >>

Final Thoughts

My overall take on the Vecelo DayBed is that it is a great bed. What makes it outstanding is that it can work with any home decor. It is also a great quality bed at an insanely low price. 

 That said, you still need to take good care of your Vecelo Daybed. Otherwise, this bed may not last you long. That includes polishing it regularly and avoiding storing it in a wet room. Lastly, don’t use just any other mattress only the mattress recommended by the manufacturer. 

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