The Advantages of a Futon Mattress: 8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Futon Mattress

When most people hear the word futon, they usually picture a couch that folds down into a bed. Many don’t realize that futon is actually the Japanese word for mattress. A traditional futon is a thin mattress pad laid directly on the floor.

It may seem strange to have a bed without the bulky bed frame, box spring, and mattress toppers that we have all grown accustomed to, but a Japanese futon mattress offers several advantages. Many experts believe that futon mattresses help relieve back pain. They are also easy to clean, save space in smaller rooms, and are very versatile.

If you are ready to make the switch from your traditional bed and get better sleep, keep reading for more information about the eight advantages of owning a futon mattress.

The Advantages of a Futon Mattress

What Are the Advantages of Sleeping on a Futon Mattress?

Futon mattresses provide sleepers with many advantages. Sleeping on a thinner mattress directly on a hard surface like the floor helps align the spine and relieves backaches. Futon mattresses are very kid-friendly and great for small spaces because they can be folded up and stored away.

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Maxyoyo Futon Mattress Review

The Maxyoyo futon mattress is designed after a traditional Japanese sleeping pad. This mattress will give you an authentic futon mattress experience. I rated the Maxyoyo futon mattress using several criteria like comfort, softness, value, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

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Maxyoyo Futon Mattress
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1. It’s Better for Your Back

When you sleep on a soft mattress or a mattress without adequate support, your spine curves. Your body will sink into a soft mattress, and although it can feel relaxing, it can result in chronic back pain and twisting joints.

When you make the switch to a futon mattress, you will experience more support and firmness because the futon is a thin pad that goes directly on the floor. This will help restore the natural alignment of your spine and force you to engage your lower back muscles. Over time, sleeping on a futon will actually strengthen your back. A stronger back means you will have less pain in the long run.

It is common for people new to using futon mattresses to feel some back pain the first couple of nights. This is normal because your back is working in ways that it never had to before with a soft coil mattress. This pain will eventually go away, and you will experience a more comfortable night’s sleep and less pain when you wake.

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2. Easy Storage for Small Spaces

If you live in a smaller apartment or have a small bedroom, a futon mattress can be a great way to save space and make your room feel larger. Futons don’t require a big bed frame or a box spring. It is simply a small sleeping pad on the floor. Less furniture in a small bedroom will avoid a cluttered look and can create a more relaxing atmosphere. Even a queen or king-size futon will save space.

Futons are conveniently storable. Like the Maxyoyo Japanese sleeping mat, most of these sleeping pads can be rolled up and stored away in a closet while not in use. This allows you to have a multi-purpose room that isn’t crowded by a bedframe.

Having a multi-purpose space is very common in Japanese tradition. You can quickly turn an office or a yoga room into a bedroom by rolling out your Japanese futon. This is perfect for a guest room that you don’t want to look like a traditional bedroom.

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain

A traditional western mattress is known for trapping dead skin particles, hair, sweat, dust, and other allergens. They are extremely difficult to clean because they are large bulky and can’t be washed. A futon mattress is quite the opposite.

A Japanese futon can be cleaned in a variety of ways, depending on the mattress design. Some people choose to take the entire mattress outside to simply shake off the dust. Other futons have removable covers that are machine washable and easy to clean.

Futon mattresses are lightweight, so they are easy to wash and hang outside to dry. The sun will not only sanitize your bed, but it will also kill dust mites.

4. Fewer Allergens and Allergic Reactions

If you suffer from allergies and wake up feeling stuffy and unrested, a futon mattress may be a wise switch for you. Regular mattresses tend to use more synthetic materials, which can cause allergic reactions, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Most futon mattresses are made from cotton and are chemical-free. They don’t trap dust and other allergens like a regular mattress and are much easier to clean.

5. Perfect for a Cool Night’s Sleep

Futons are generally made with naturally breathable materials, like cotton. Unlike a regular mattress with synthetic memory foam that traps heat, futons provide excellent air circulation. If you tend to sleep hot, a futon mattress may be a great option for maintaining a more comfortable temperature throughout the night.

6. Kid-Friendly

Futon mattresses are a popular choice for a child’s room, especially if your child is transitioning from a crib to a regular bed. Futons are low profile, so there is essentially zero risk of a child falling out of bed and injuring themselves.

Children’s mattresses tend to endure a lot of wear and tear and messes – especially when potty training. Unlike a regular mattress, futons are easy to clean and won’t trap foul odors, making them perfect for a child’s bedroom.

If your child’s room is small, a futon can be folded away either as a sofa or completely packed away in a closet. This gives your little one extra space for playtime in their room.

7. Very Affordable

A typical mattress can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. This is a massive investment for most people. If it ends up being uncomfortable, you’re stuck with a very expensive problem. Futon mattresses are very affordable and can typically be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars.

When you buy a futon mattress, you are getting great value for your money because it is easy to maintain. You won’t have to worry about the mattress sagging, losing shape, or uncomfortable springs breaking.

8. Versatility

If you’re like me, you like multi-use and versatile items. Futons are great options for most people for this reason. A futon mattress can be laid on the floor like a traditional Japanese mattress, but it can also be put on a frame that folds into a couch. This is perfect for creating extra sleeping spaces in living rooms or dorm rooms.

Futon mattresses aren’t just used in houses. Many people choose to take a futon mattress camping. These mattresses are easy to roll up and often lightweight. This makes them easy to travel with and perfect for inside of a tent to protect you from the cold ground.

Many people also add futon mattresses to their RVs, campers, or even cars for long road trips. When you purchase a good-quality futon mattress, the possibilities are endless.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy a Japanese Futon Mattress?

People with severe back injuries

While futons provide several advantages, they will not be suitable for everyone. Futons do promote back and spine health, but if you have severe back issues, a futon mattress may not benefit you. If you suffer from a severe back injury, you should always check with your doctor before making the decision to switch to a futon mattress.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a futon but need something with more padding, there are options available for you. Not all futon mattresses are as thin as the traditional Japanese futon mattress. Instead, you can opt for thicker mattresses like the DHP 8 Inch futon mattress. This mattress is like a hybrid between a traditional mattress and a futon mattress. It is slim and firm, so you will still receive the benefits of a futon, but it provides more cushion and is comprised of pocket coils like a regular mattress.

Those who have trouble getting up from the floor

If you have joint issues that prevent you from easily getting up and down off the floor, a Japanese futon mattress will not be comfortable for you. Instead, you could look into low-profile futon frames that elevate the mattress off the floor, making getting in and out of bed easier.

Maxyoyo Futon Mattress
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Other Disadvantages of a Futon Mattress

Frequent cleaning

Futon mattresses are easy to care for and clean, but the cleaning must be done frequently. Cotton futons absorb sweat while you sleep. If you don’t regularly clean and air out your mattress, it can develop mold and mildew that can be harmful.

Everyday effort

Some people don’t like the everyday routine of folding up a futon and storing it away. While many people don’t mind this, it is difficult to take a spontaneous nap if you must retrieve your mattress from the closet and set it up.

Overall Thoughts on Futon Benefits

Futons can provide a variety of benefits to those needing to switch up their sleeping habits. Sleeping on a firmer futon mattress directly on the floor will promote spine alignment and ease backaches. If you suffer from allergies, futons are made with more natural materials and are easy to clean and sanitize. Futons are great for kid’s rooms or small spaces because they can be folded up and stored in a closet during the day.

If you haven’t been experiencing the quality of sleep you need, consider trying a futon mattress and experience all the advantages these traditional Japanese mattresses have to offer.

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