So Are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes? If Not Are There Other Options for Grounding?

Earthing shoes are steadily growing in popularity for those who feel the need to reconnect with the earth and ground their energy. “Earthing” or “grounding” as some call it, is best achieved by walking outside barefoot for at least twenty minutes. 

The problem most people face however, is that it is not always possible to go barefoot for extended period of time. This is where earthing shoes come into play. Earthing shoes are soft-soled shoes that allow the wearer to connect to the earth’s electromagnetic field allowing electrons from the ground to flow through your body. So are Birkenstocks earthing shoes? See our answer below…

Scientists who have studied earthing believe that the process of earthing can help boost the body’s natural healing powers, reduce chronic pain, improve heart health, improve mood, and even lead to better sleep. 

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In one blind study, scientists found that between 75% and 100% of those who complained of sleep disturbances experienced improvements in different categories like time to fall asleep, quality of sleep, and chronic back pain, after using earthing techniques.

Are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes/ Grounding Shoes?

Yes! Birkenstocks soles are made out of cork and natural latex and are contoured specifically in the shape a healthy foot should be in. These natural high-quality materials allow a wearer to benefit from earthing while walking around in everyday life. 

Birkenstocks mold to your feet while providing support and stability all while keeping your spine and legs in natural healthy alignment. Customers who reported feelings of anxiousness, or being overwhelmed and unfocused noticed great improvements both mentally and physically after wearing Birkenstocks

What are the Benefits of Earthing Shoes?

It is believed that the earth’s electrons can help neutralize free radicals in our body. Free radicals can be caused by poor diet or toxic environments and they cause issues like inflammation, immune problems and chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

The majority of adults in our world suffer from excessive emotional stress which wreaks havoc on our bodies and immune systems. High prolonged stress will affect eating habits, sleeping habits, and overall health. Studies have shown that earthing has a calming and balancing effect and the second your feet connect with the ground; your body will begin to reap the benefits of earthing. Many people have experienced less stress, a calming, centering feeling, and most importantly, improved sleep.

Sleep Detectives Tip: If you’re currently suffering from sleep disturbances, try your own earthing experiment! Spend twenty minutes each day outside barefoot or if that’s not possible, wearing a pair of Birkenstocks, and see if your sleeping improves. Keep a journal to note changes or improvements in time it takes to fall asleep, quality of your sleep and any aches or pains that may come and go.

Why Do I Need Special Shoes for Earthing?

Most shoes are made with rubber soles. If you think back to high school science class, you will remember that rubber acts as an insulator and protects against electric currents. These rubber soles on your favorite sneaker block the flow of electromagnetic current from the earth to your body in the same way. 

Earthing shoes are made specifically out of conductive materials to allow for electrical flow. These shoes have even been tested with voltage meters to prove that they work! When you wear an earthing shoe, you will be able to feel the texture of the ground under your feet which will activate healing pressure points on each part of your foot.

Other Options for Earthing Shoes: Earth Runners and Pluggz

Birkenstocks are a great option for earthing shoes and by far have the most history in the footwear industry, but they aren’t the only option on the market. Two other companies, Earth Runners and Pluggz are also gaining popularity for creating shoes that will help you feel connected, balanced, and centered.

Earth Runners Shoes for Grounding

Earth Runners is a company that focuses on creating sandals made from conductive materials. These sandals even feature pieces of copper in the soles of the shoes to boost the natural electrical flow. Earth Runners are much more minimalist than a Birkenstock and some say they took some time to get used to wearing. Earther Runners are described as “Adventure Sandals” and can withstand water and dirt making them perfect for hiking or just everyday walking.

Some other great features of Earth Runners Include:

  • No animal products- fully Vegan
  • GOTS certified low impact dyed footbed
  • Ergonomic laces
  • Cooper and stainless-steel earthing system
  • Vibram outsoles

Earth Runners are great for the outdoor adventurer who is looking for a barefoot, minimalist feel.

Pluggz Shoes for Earthing and Grounding

Pluggz makes both flip flops and flats, offering more style diversity than Earth Runner. Pluggz feature a carbon and rubber compound black plug under the ball of the foot. This ensures the electrical flow between the earth and your feet just as if you were walking barefoot. Some wearers experienced a tingly feeling while wearing Pluggz and many people also experienced less chronic pain and more energy. 

Pluggz is praised for creating stylish shoe options for both men and women including dressier options like ballet flats and loafers. Another great reason to support Pluggz? A portion of all proceeds goes towards supporting organizations that focus on improving health and wellness around the world. 

Our Final Thoughts

If you are experiencing anxiety, lack of focus, inflammation, or chronic pain, you may be ungrounded and unconnected from the earth. Rather than trying to fix these issues with expensive treatments and dangerous medications, the answer could be as simple as putting your feet on the ground. 

Earthing shoes like Birkenstocks allow you reap the benefits of earthing everyday by allowing the earth’s energy to flow through the soles of your shoes while still providing comfort and protection for your feet. If you are suffering from any of these ailments, give a pair of earthing shoes a try. You may find that a clear head, steady emotional state, and better sleep is just a step away.

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