Weighted Idea Blanket Review: Is This a Quality Blanket?

There are multitudes of weighted blankets that can help relieve anxiety and restlessness before bed, but it can be hard to determine which blanket is the best for your needs. The Weighted Idea Blanket is a traditional-style, quilted, breathable weighted blanket that offers plentiful options for people trying a weighted blanket for the first time. Read on to learn what we thought of the Weighted Idea Blanket!

Weighted Idea Blanket Review

Our Weighted Idea Blanket Review: Great for First Time Users?

The Weighted Idea Blanket is as standard as weighted blankets come. If you want to take your first steps into the world of weighted blankets, then the Weighted Idea Blanket offers an inexpensive price point to try it out. While some people may never enjoy using a weighted blanket, the Weighted Idea Blanket is a breathable, convenient, basic choice for anyone worried about their purchase.

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We rated the Weighted Idea Blanket in a number of categories including comfort, appearance, affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction
  • Inexpensive price point
  • Simplistic design
  • Effective
  • Wide range of sizing and weight options
  • Duvet cover optional
  • Limited color variations
  • Overly-traditional weighted blanket appearance
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What Did We Think About the Weighted Idea Blanket?

The goal of the Weighted Idea Blanket is to relieve tension and relax anxiety. After using the Weighted Idea Blanket for a short period of time, I can confirm that I do drift off to sleep much more easily than I did before. Even the buying process of the Weighted Idea Blanket is relatively stress-free as it offers a wide range of options to satisfy the purchaser’s needs.

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The Weighted Idea Blanket is a thin, 5”x5” quilted square style weighted blanket. The outside fabric of the blanket is a breathable polyester that is thinner and less likely to trap heat compared to other weighted blankets. The inner layers of the Weighted Idea Blanket are composed of two layers of microfiber padding and two layers of non-glue padding that help to hold in place the inner layer of weighted glass beads.

Although, the Weighted Idea Blanket might not be very exciting visually, the majority of weighted blankets are intended to be placed inside duvet covers due to difficult washing instructions. With the addition of my own exciting duvet cover, that was not out of price range for the inexpensive cost of the Weighted Idea Blanket, my new weighted blanket has become a perfect addition to my room.

Sizing and Other Options

Thankfully, for those who are new to weighted blankets, the Weighted Idea Blanket displays a diverse selection of weights and sizes. To decide the best weight for your Weighted Idea Blanket, it is recommended to purchase a weight that is approximately 7 to 12% of your body weight. The Weighted Idea Blanket includes weights of 7lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 22lbs, and 25lbs to ensure that there is an option for everyone.

If you are concerned, after using the 7 to 12% scale, the blanket recommended to you may still be too heavy, it is best to select a size that you are confident will be easy to lift and move beneath. Never use a weighted blanket if you do not think you can lift it with ease. Weighted blankets are not suited for small children or other people who may struggle with lifting weights of similar heaviness.

If you purchase a weighted blanket that you feel is a suitable weight, but you still aren’t comfortable, allow a three to seven-day adaption period to get used to sleeping beneath a weighted blanket. It usually takes several days before people will begin to feel relief. If you’re experiencing anxiety that’s causing your to grind your teeth, try clicking here to view the best mouth guards for clenching teeth during the day.

The Weighted Idea Blanket comes in measurements suggested for twin, full, and queen-sized beds. Some users admit frustration with the Weighted Idea Blanket because the measurements of these blankets are not the same as typical twin, full, and queen-sized blankets.

It is important to know before buying a weighted blanket, that they are sized specifically to fit the top of a mattress, not to drape down the sides. This design is intended to better distribute weight across the sleepers and prevent the blanket from slipping to the floor throughout the night.

The Weighted Idea Blanket comes in two color choices for adult users, grey and dark grey. Additionally, there are Weighted Idea Blanket options for children designed with an adorable animal print that any child would love. These blankets are twin-sized and weigh 7lbs. Remember, children under three should never use a weighted blanket, and any child who does use the Weighted Idea Blanket should be able to move it with ease.

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What Else Should You Know About the Weighted Idea Blanket?

Weighted blankets are notoriously difficult to wash because of their weight and the precarious nature of the beads sitting inside. The Weighted Idea Blanket suggests that it is machine washable on low, but it is best if the blanket is hand washed or spot-cleaned only.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid cleaning your Weighted Idea Blanket too frequently. A duvet cover can easily be added to the 8-loops that are provided at the edges of the blanket for this purpose. The Weighted Idea Blanket offers a vast range of stylings for duvet covers that come in an exciting selection of fabrics and textures.

If you’re interested in a Weighted Idea Duvet Cover, they are available in dark grey, light grey, baby blue, seagrass blue, blue animal print, coral pink, navy blue, and pink animal print. They come in fabric options like cooling bamboo, warming Minky, and more. To see the Weighted Idea Duvet Cover for yourself, click here.

The Weighted Idea Blanket is breathable for a weighted blanket, but it may not feel as breathable as other blankets you own. This is because weighted blankets do not move as much to let air slip in around their edges. Even the most breathable of weighted blankets will lock in body heat in a way that might be uncomfortable for people who become overly warm while sleeping.

Are you still unsure whether the Weighted Idea Blanket is right for you? That’s okay! The Weighted Idea Blanket comes with a promise to satisfy every customer and encourages buyers to contact them if there are ever any complaints about their blanket.

Weighted Idea Blanket
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Last Thoughts

For someone who has never tried a weighted blanket before, the Weighted Idea Blanket is an excellent entry point to discover how much weight is the right amount. With its excellent selection of duvet cover options, users can seasonally exchange fabric types to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you don’t know where to get started in finding relief for anxiety before sleeping, then the Weighted Idea Blanket might be the perfect place to leap into the realm of relaxation.

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