Our In-Depth Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Review

If you are struggling to maintain healthy sleep habits or have mental health issues that impact your sleep, a weighted blanket has been shown to be highly effective in reducing restless nights. Recently, my anxiety impacted my sleep severely, so I wanted to try using a weighted blanket to help keep me calm and relaxed as I slept.

Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Review

After doing some research, I came across the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket and decided to give it a go. To get an in-depth look at this weighted blanket’s pros and cons, its features, and its benefits, keep reading!

Relax Eden Weighted Blanket
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Our Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Review: How Good Is This Pillow?

When I was searching for the best-weighted blanket, I wanted to find one that was effective in relieving both my stress and anxiety. Well, the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket does exactly that! I was extremely impressed with how well this weighted blanket helped me sleep, and for me, I noticed the improvement in my mental health almost immediately.

The material of the weighted blanket is made with both cotton and polyester, so it is very comfortable and soft. In addition, the removable cover allows me to use the weighted blanket throughout the entire year. You can easily make the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket lightweight and breathable enough to use it in the spring and summer.

9.2 Total Score
Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Review

I have rated the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket on five different categories: value, softness, comfort, sleep quality, and weight distribution. Here are my results:

Sleep Quality
Weight Distribution
  • Made with cotton
  • Comes with removable and washable duvet cover
  • Can be lightweight and breathable for warm weather
  • 7-layer construction
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Easy to wash
  • Hassle-free 1-year warranty
  • Durable stitching so that it does not wear out over time
  • Multiple size and weight options
  • The weights can shift to the outside edges over time, so you may have to adjust it
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The Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Features

The Relax Eden Weighted Blanket has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for those looking for a weighted blanket. This weighted blanket is engineered to keep you snug throughout the night. With a 7-layer construction structure, it provides several layers of comfort and can be used for a long period of time without wearing out.

These 7 layers include: a removable cover, 100% cotton outer layer, internal loops to keep the removable cover in place, hypoallergenic non-toxic micro-beads, two polyester layers, and resilient stitching and sewing for durability.

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My favorite layer is the top removable cover. For wintery and cold weather, the cover adds an extra layer of comfort and works well to keep me warm all night. Additionally, I can simply remove the cover during the summer, so the weighted blanket is more lightweight and breathable. The cover is also made with polyester, so the surface feels like silk.

The texture of the cover is both comfortable and beautiful as well. I have my weighted blanket in my bedroom, and it adds a luxurious touch.

Because the cover is easy to remove, this makes washing it simple as well. It comes with eight convenient loop ties that help secure the cover over the blanket.

The micro-beads are also evenly distributed to cover your entire body, no matter how and where you use it. So, if you want to get cozy on the couch with a book or lay down with it in bed, the weighted blanket adapts to your position. The micro-beads in the weighted blanket are also hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Over time, I did find that beads did shift to the edges of the blanket, which is a common issue with weighted blankets. However, I was able to adjust the beads back in place.

The Relax Eden Weighted Blanket is also made with high-quality. The weighted blanket is 100% organic cotton with polyester padding to provide maximum comfort and prevent the micro-beads from leaking through the fabric. I was impressed with this weighted blanket’s highly resilient stitching—it made the weighted blanket durable and prevented it from getting worn out or torn.

Relax Eden prides itself on customer service and provides all their customers with a 1-year hassle-free warranty for if they are unhappy with the weighted blanket. You do not even have to return the weighted blanket to them. For those who are unsatisfied with their product, Relax Eden will provide you with a full refund with no questions asked.

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Size and Color Options

The Relax Eden Weighted Blanket comes in multiple sizes and colors to appeal to everyone’s needs. When choosing a weighted blanket, it is important to keep your own body weight in mind. Relax Eden recommends picking a weighted blanket that is 10-12% of your body weight.

Weighted blankets are also designed to be smaller than your run-of-the-mill comforter. So, these are not supposed to hang off the edges of your bed.

Below is a table that includes the recommended weighted blanket weight for multiple body weights.

40-90 lbs.90-110 lbs.110-140 lbs.140-190 lbs.190-240 lbs.240-280 lbs.280 lbs. +
5 lbs.10 lbs.12 lbs.15 lbs.20 lbs.25 lbs.30 lbs.

The weighted blanket comes in multiple sizes to accommodate single, twin, full, queen, and king big sizes. Here is a list of the dimensions:

  • 36” x 48” inches
  • 41” x 60” inches
  • 48” x 72” inches
  • 60” x 80” inches
  • 87” x 80” inches

The Relax Eden Weighted Blanket is available in blue or grey. The blue is not a very neutral shade, which is why I bought the grey for myself because I can match it easily.

What Others Are Saying About the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket

Turns out, I’m not the only one who loved the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive as many customers rave about the weighted blanket’s comfort.

Many have commented that the weighted blanket is extremely soft and warm, but also lightweight enough to use in the more hot, summery months. Others also have enjoyed how soft and velvety the weighted blanket is.

In addition, a lot of other customers were impressed with Relax Eden’s customer service. If there were any issues, such as broken zippers or torn fabric, or even general dissatisfaction, their customer service team follows through with their warranty and tries their best to assist you.

Also, like me, a few of the customers noticed the dramatic difference the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket made with their sleep. Whether they were experiencing stress and anxiety or symptoms of insomnia, the weighted blanket did its magic to improve their mental health and help them sleep comfortably.

A widespread problem among reviewers, however, is the weight distribution. Many have experienced beads shifting to the edges of the weighted blanket over time.

Regardless of this issue, many of the customers are happy with the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket and have mentioned that they use it constantly to help them sleep or even around the house.

Relax Eden Weighted Blanket
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Related Questions

Is the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket Big Enough for Two People?

Whether the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket is big enough for two people depends entirely on the size you purchase. The two biggest sizes, 60” x 80” and 87” x 80”, may be big enough for two people and these sizes are recommended for king-size beds.

However, most weighted blankets are not meant to be shared. You may not get the full mental and physical benefits of sharing it with someone else. You get the most benefit from a weighted blanket by wrapping it from one side of your body to the other.

How Does Relax Eden’s 1-Year Hassle-Free Warranty Work?

If you are unsatisfied with the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket, Relax Eden has a 1-year hassle-free warranty. With the warranty, all you need to do is contact Relax Eden directly and they will give you your money back without asking any questions. You also don’t need to return the weighted blanket to them.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority, and Relax Eden serves customers all across the U.S. If you have any questions or concerns with your weighted blanket as well, their team is well-prepared to assist you.

Do the Beads Stay Evenly Distributed or Do They Shift to the Edge of the Weighted Blanket?

The micro-beads in the Relax Eden Weighted Blanket are designed to be evenly distributed and last a long period of time. The micro-beads may shift to the edge of the weighted blanket or get bunched up in areas after being used several times. However, you can adjust the beads if this happens.

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