Here’s Our Ourea Weighted Blanket Review: Surprising Results…

Calming your mind before your go to bed can sometimes feel impossible. Many people are interested in adding a weighted blanket to their beds to encourage a more peaceful night’s sleep, but with so many options, where do you start? The Ourea Weighted blanket is a breathable, traditional weighted blanket that could be great for first-time weighted blanket users.

Ourea Weighted Blanket Review

Our Ourea Weighted Blanket Review: What Were Our First Thoughts?

When I received my Ourea Weighted Blanket, I found that it was smooth, slightly plush, and neatly stitched. Compared to weighted blankets I have had in the past, the Ourea Weighted Blanket was more breathable, and I didn’t grow hot even after a couple of hours of laying beneath it. The Ourea Weighted Blanket is a quilted-style weighted blanket made with non-toxic glass beads distributed evenly throughout the blanket into 5”x5” pockets.

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Ourea Weighted Blanket
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8.2 Total Score
Review of Ourea Weighted Blanket

We rated the Ourea Weighted Blanket in a number of categories including comfort, appearance, affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction
  • Breathable fabric
  • Effective
  • Neat appearance
  • Loops for duvet cover
  • Extremely limited weights and sizing
  • Limited color options
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What Was Our Opinion of the Ourea Weighted Blanket?

While a traditional, quilted weighted blanket might not seem very exciting at first, it’s important to note that the Ourea Weighted Blanket is intended to pair with a duvet cover. Weighted blankets can be difficult to wash for numerous reasons. The weight may be too heavy for regular at-home washers, or the weighted blanket’s integrity may deteriorate over multiple washes.

However, the Ourea Weighted Blanket comes with loops to tie it to the inside of a duvet cover. Using a duvet cover with your weighted blanket can allow users to extend the lifetime of their blankets by creating a protective layer. If you’re looking to protect your pillow as well as your blanket, click here to view the three best pillow protectors for oily skin.

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Allowing for the option of a duvet cover meant that I was able to make my weighted blanket match my room perfectly no matter what the inner weighted blanket looked like. Removable covers add endless design possibilities to your blanket.

The Ourea Weighted Blanket works by using weight to enact stress relief through deep pressure stimulation. The gentle embrace that a weighted blanket gives helps to release serotonin and lower the activity of your overactive nervous system. The outside of the Ourea Weighted blanket is a breathable cotton fabric. Inside the Ourea Weighted blanket is composed of two layers of microfiber to prevent leaking beads, and two layers of non-glue polyester padding which wrap the non-toxic, glass beads to add a plush feeling to the blanket.

There are some downsides to the Ourea Weighted Blanket. The Ourea Weighted Blanket is only available in an extremely limited weight range. For people who weigh 140 pounds or less, the Ourea Weighted Blanket is likely to be too heavy to act as a natural embrace for these smaller users.

I, unfortunately, fell into the category of people who didn’t have a comfortable weight suggestion. Their lightest 15lbs option made my mobility feel restricted and I couldn’t comfortably turn throughout the night. While I’m sure that the calming effect of the Ourea Weighted Blanket is fantastic for users who weigh more than 140lbs, it is important to note that this blanket will not be usable for everyone.

Sizing and Other Options

As mentioned previously, the weight options for the Ourea Weighted Blanket are limited. The blanket comes in weights of either 15 or 20lbs. It’s strongly suggested to purchase an Ourea Weighted Blanket that represents 8-10% of your body weight. Choosing a weighted blanket for yourself by this scale can help make sure that you can move easily beneath its weight. 

If you are worried that the weight suggested to you is too high, always choose a weight that you feel you can lift with ease. Notably, the 60”x80”, 20lbs weight option is recommended to be used with a partner and not independently.

If you have selected an Ourea Weighted Blanket that is in your suggested weight range, and you still dislike the feeling of the weight, make sure to allow a three to seven-day adaption period. The three to seven-day adaption period is especially important if you are trying a weighted blanket for the first time. That being said, if it is extremely uncomfortable or causes aches and pains, your blanket is likely too heavy, and you should stop using it immediately.

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The sizing options for the Ourea Weighted Blanket are also quite narrow. The blanket only comes in the measurements 48”x72” and 60”x80”, so it is important to measure the bed you intend to lay it on before purchasing. Keep in mind that weighted blankets are only supposed to fit the top of your mattress without draping to keep weight evenly distributed.

The makers of the Ourea Weighted Blanket also offer a grey duvet cover option in the 60”x80” size. If you are interested in purchasing the duvet cover suggested to pair with the Ourea Weighted blanket, click here to see more.

A little disappointingly for those who don’t want to use a duvet cover, the Ourea Weighted Blanket only comes in the colors grey and dark grey. These are the traditional colors for weighted blankets as they are more difficult to stain, and it is believed that the color gray can have a mildly calming effect on the user.

What Do Other Customers Think?

For those who found a weight that suited them, the Ourea weighted blanket was generally well-liked. The Ourea Weighted Blanket is priced on the lower end of the spectrum for similar products and serves as an excellent entry point into the world of weighted blankets.

It is worth mentioning that people who had used the blanket longer than I currently have voiced that the weight inside redistributes in less than ideal ways over time. This is expected to happen less for users who keep the weighted blanket solely on their bed rather than those who carry it back and forth to the couch.

Ourea Weighted Blanket
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While the Ourea Weighted Blanket is extremely breathable for a weighted blanket, people who tend to grow hot while sleeping may never be entirely content with the way that a weighted blanket can trap heat beneath it. This may be particularly frustrating for those who wanted to add a duvet cover to the outside of their Ourea Weighted Blanket as they may experience even more warmth.

Final Thoughts

For people looking to try out a weighted blanket and see if it works for them, the Ourea Weighted Blanket is an excellent choice. Although you will likely have to weigh over 140lbs to enjoy it, the Ourea Weighted Blanket is neatly-stitched, breathable, and comforting. With the possibility of adding a duvet cover to make it match your style, the Ourea Weighted Blanket might be the key to a relaxing night of sleep.

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