Our Hiseeme Weighted Blanket Review: Here’s What We Found…

Many people who suffer from anxiety struggle to relax and fall asleep comfortably. Using a weighted blanket can be an excellent way to reduce stress and help induce sleep. Finding a soft weighted blanket that looks nice and is high quality can be difficult for buyers, but the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket offers that and more.

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket Review

Our Hiseeme Weighted Blanket Review: What Did We Think?

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is a well-made, velvety fleece blanket that works fantastically as an anxiety relief blanket. The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket comes in a wide variety of weights and uses glass beads to provide even weight distribution across the user. If you’re looking for a blanket that is calming and will look nice on your bed, the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket might be the perfect option to end your search.

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Hiseeme Weighted Blanket
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9.4 Total Score
Review of Hiseeme Weighted Blanket

We rated the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket in several basic categories: comfort, value, quality, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Customer Satisfaction
  • Soft
  • Effective
  • Well-made
  • Nice Appearance
  • Machine Washable
  • Can be hot for some
  • Must be able to comfortably lift twelve pounds
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What Was Our Opinion of the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket?

The large majority of weighted blankets are quilted and gray, which makes them less than pleasing to the eye. However, the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is made of silky, soft fleece that is aesthetically pleasing.

It would be difficult to determine that the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is a weighted blanket by sight alone. The sheen on the blanket makes it appear modern and, it is perfect for laying on your bed or the back of your couch. The design of the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is a great improvement on the traditional, more clunky, quilted styling.

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When I received the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the beads were well-distributed so that the fifteen-pound blanket hugged me gently rather than felt suffocating. For me, someone who always feels a little cold, the blanket was cozy and warm. However, for those who get hot during the night, the 100% microfiber polyester Hiseeme Weighted Blanket might make the user overly warm while sleeping.

In the past, I’ve had trouble with my weighted blankets allowing glass beads to escape, especially after being washed, but this isn’t a problem with the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket. The stitching on the Hiseeme Weighted blanket is strong, making it extraordinarily unlikely for beads to escape.

When I laid down to sleep, my normally racing head was relatively quiet. Some weighted blankets in the past have felt like they restricted my movements, but the beads in the blanket did not bother my mobility at the weight I chose. I woke to feel well-rested the next morning.

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Sizing and Other Options

For some, the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket’s sizing may be confusing. Many people receive their weighted blankets without checking the measurements that are listed.

It’s important to know that weighted blankets are not intended to drape over the sides of your mattress. Weighted blankets are sized to cover the top of the mattress so that the draped weight doesn’t make it slide to the floor. The measurements available for the adult-sized Hiseeme Weighted Blanket are 48”x72”, or 60”x80”.

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket comes in a large range of weights to fit the needs of whoever purchases them. The navy blue and grey color options for adults are available in weights 12lbs, 15lbs, 17lbs, 18lbs, 20lbs, or 23lbs.

If you’re struggling to decide which weight is right for you, don’t worry! The makers of the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket suggest that you should find 10% of your body weight to choose the correct weighted blanket. I selected a blanket that was 10% of my body weight and rounded up as suggested. I found my chosen weight to be comfortable, however, this method doesn’t work for everyone. It’s important never to buy a weighted blanket heavier than what you can comfortably lift.

If you are concerned that the blanket you are purchasing might be too heavy for relaxation, it is always suggested to pick a lighter blanket weight. After purchasing your blanket always allow two to seven days for you to adjust to the weight of the blanket. It may take a couple of days before you feel relief.

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is currently available in navy blue and grey for adult sizes, but the color options vary frequently. For those who don’t like the appearance of the sheen, fleece fabric, there is a traditional quilted option available in dark gray. Click here to view the twin-sized, quilted Hiseeme Weighted Blanket.

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket also offers children’s versions. These versions are available in a diverse range of prints including trees, stars, and dinosaurs. Children’s blankets are weighed at five or ten pounds and can be purchased in the soft fleece microfiber or the traditional quilted 100% cotton version. The children’s weighted blankets are available in sizes 41”x60”, or 36”x48”. If you are interested in the children’s weighted blankets click here to find out more.

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What Else Should You Know About the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket?

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket isn’t for everyone. Weighted blankets should not be used by people who might not be capable of lifting them. Infants should never be placed under a weighted blanket, and they are not advised for specific members of the elderly community. Even users who are physically capable of using a weighted blanket should never place it over their faces for safety reasons.

If you are going to be using the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket with a partner, add your and your partner’s weights together and find 10% of your combined body weight. As mentioned previously, your blanket’s weight shouldn’t be heavier than you or your partner can comfortably lift independently. It’s recommended to purchase a larger blanket when using the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket for couples so that it is less likely to move during the night.

Luckily for prospective buyers, the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is easy to wash. Many weighted blankets are hand wash or spot clean only, but this blanket is hand wash or machine washable. To dry the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket you can flat dry or tumble dry on low. It is important to note that the Hiseeme Weighted Blanket may become worn or damaged if it is machine washed too frequently.

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket
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Final Thoughts

The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is a visually appealing weighted blanket with a silky texture that sets it apart from other weighted blankets. The Hiseeme Weighted Blanket is cuddly warm and has well-distributed glass beads to gently embrace its sleepers and help them drift off to bed more comfortably.

Although this blanket isn’t intended for all audiences, it worked great for me, and those who are searching for a modern-looking weighted blanket will enjoy adding this to their homes.

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