HBlife Weighted Blanket Review: Is This a Quality Blanket?

A weighted blanket can be a lifesaver for those who have difficulty falling asleep. There are so many weighted blankets on the market that it can be hard to find one that checks all the boxes. If you’re looking for a blanket that comes in a wide range of color and weight customizations, the HBlife Weighted Blanket might be exactly what you’re looking for.

HBlife Weighted Blanket Review

Our HBlife Weighted Blanket Review: Our Impressions

The HBlife Weighted Blanket has excellent weight and styling options which I was happy to take advantage of. I tried the HBlife Weighted Blanket and found it to be exceptionally cozy. The HBlife Weighted Blanket is soft and works excellent as a bed comforter because it is visually appealing and looks like an ordinary comforter.

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HBlife Weighted Blanket
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8.2 Total Score
Review of HBlife Weighted Blanket

We rated the HBlife Weighted Blanket in several basic categories: comfort, value, quality, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Customer Satisfaction
  • Soft
  • Effective
  • Many customizations
  • Blends in with home decor
  • Can be hot for some
  • Tends to leak beads if washed too often
  • Stitching questionable over time
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What Did We Think of the HBlife Weighted Blanket?

I purchased the 12lbs navy reversible half-sherpa, half-quilted HBlife Weighted Blanket, and I was delighted with how it looked on my bed. The HBlife Weighted Blanket offered a soft embrace to help calm my anxious nerves. After a few nights of resting, I became very accustomed to using the blanket, and the time I spent struggling to fall asleep was halved.

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However, I did quickly see some downfalls in the HBlife Weighted Blanket. The blanket is stitched to hold the glass beads in pockets so weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket, but after only using it for a short while, I noticed a glass bead here and there in my bed. So far, the couple of missing glass beads have not changed the quality of the blanket.

The good news is that after placing the blanket inside a duvet cover, I haven’t had to worry about any loose beads, and I can assuage my fears about washing it for now. The HBlife Weighted Blanket is intended to be used with a duvet cover, and it has looped corners to help secure it inside.

Sizing and Other Options

The HBlife Weighted Blanket customization that we tried was the 7-layered blanket with one layer of quilted fleece, two layers of polyester, two layers of padded polyester, glass beads, and super plush sherpa fleece. These blankets are also available in dual-quilted styles and half-sherpa fleece/half faux fur options.

The massive collection of colors is a tempting reason to choose the HBlife Weighted Blanket. The half-sherpa fleece, half-quilted fleece option comes in gray, dark gray, cream, navy, slate blue, pink, plaid black, and plaid red. The other styling selections come in their own wide array of colors to help you find a weighted blanket that best fits your aesthetic. If you’re looking for sheets with an equal range of colors to choose from, click here to read our Bare Home Bed Sheet Review.

Besides their excellent diversity in colors, the HBlife Weighted Blanket also has a terrific range of weights to best suit the user’s needs. Search the table below to discover which weight and size will best suit your body weight.

Blanket SizeBlanket WeightBody Weight

This table suggests weights that are between 8-12% of the user’s body weight. However, pregnant women, children under three, and anyone who struggles to comfortably move the blanket on their own should never lay under a weighted blanket.

Although their size scale includes weights 5lbs to 25lbs, the HBlife Weighted Blanket is currently only available in weights 10lbs, 12lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. If you don’t see your suggested blanket weight on the table, then use your best discretion on whether the HBlife blanket is right for you.

What Else Should You Know About the HBlife Weighted Blanket?

It’s not suggested to machine wash the HBlife Weighted Blanket because it can weaken the stitching and disperse glass beads over time. 

The HBlife Weighted Blanket is intended for hand wash or spot clean only. Unfortunately, the weight of the blanket will make it incompatible with most washing machines. Additionally, the HBlife Weighted Blanket has been shown to last longer when it isn’t machine washed.

If you do intend to machine wash your HBlife Weighted Blanket, make sure to double-check the weight limit of your washer and dryer so that you aren’t putting your machines at risk by placing a too-heavy weighted blanket inside.

If you are interested in other HBlife blanket products, they also make a hoodie blanket. The hoodie blanket comes in similar colors to match your HBlife Weighted Blanket. These hooded blankets come in short and long versions and are also available in children’s sizes, to keep your kiddies warm in the wintertime. Click here if you want to view the HBlife Hoodie Blanket.

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What Do Other Customers Think?

Some buyers had difficulty with the sizing of the HBlife Weighted Blanket. Notably, weighted blankets are supposed to fit the top of the mattress and not drape over the sides of your bed. Weighted blankets that hang over the sides of a mattress are likely to slide down during the night due to the pull created by the heavy beads.

Customers who tend to sweat during the night might find the HBlife Weighted Blanket overly warm. The HBlife Weighted Blanket is great for keeping you cozy and comfortable if you often feel cold, or live in a cold climate.

If you regularly sleep hot, it’s suggested to purchase the dual-quilted version of the HBlife Weighted Blanket, since the sherpa fleece or faux fur versions might not allow for comfortable sleep.

There were some customer concerns about loose beads, which were similar to our own worries. To make sure that you’ve received the best product it is best to search for any stitching irregularities before using the HBlife Weighted Blanket. Adhering closely to the washing instructions and using a duvet cover are the best way to extend the life of your HBlife Weighted Blanket.

HBlife Weighted Blanket
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Our Final Thoughts

The HBlife Weighted Blanket promises to have a style that suits your home and a weight option that matches your needs. It is important to review the chart carefully before deciding on your weighted blanket and to choose a lower weight if you are concerned about lifting it comfortably.

Overall, the HBlife Weighted Blanket looks great wherever you choose to place it in your home, and it’s perfect for relieving the stress of anxious sleepers. If you have trouble finding a weighted blanket that fits your aesthetic, keeps you warm at night, and helps you unwind, then the HBlife Weighted Blanket could be the blanket for you.

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