LuxClub Bed Sheet Review: Are These the Sheets for You?

Picking out new bedsheets can be quite the chore. There are endless options and price ranges and it’s hard to decide what sheets will be best for you. Recently, when I was looking into new sheets for my bed, I knew I wanted eco-friendly, hypoallergenic sheets so I decided to try the LuxClub 6-Piece Bamboo sheet set.  For my complete review on these sheets, keep reading!

LuxClub 6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Set
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The LuxClub Bed Sheet Review: Are LuxClub bamboo sheets high quality?

Yes. LuxClub bamboo sheets are made from a high quality blend of bamboo and microfiber creating an incredible soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly sheet. These bamboo sheets are a great budget friendly option for soft luxurious sheets. These sheets will be less expensive than Egyptian cotton but will still feel soft and durable.

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LuxClub Bamboo Bed Sheet Review: How do these sheets perform in various categories?

I used six categories to rate the True Luxury Bed Sheet Set: light weight, comfort, durability, softness, wrinkle-free, and quality of material. Here are my results:

Light Weight
Quality of Material
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Cooling
  • Do not wrinkle easily
  • Large variety of sizes and colors
  • Elastic on fitted sheet is easily worn
  • Inconsistent sizing
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Features of the LuxClub 6 Piece Bamboo Sheet Set

The LuxClub bamboo sheets have some great features for a very reasonable price. These sheets are made with a special blend of bamboo viscose and microfiber to create a sheet that is softer than even Egyptian cotton, durable, breathable, and wrinkle free.

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First, I love that they are eco-friendly. LuxClub uses top-quality materials that are sourced from sensible suppliers. LuxClub only uses safe dyes, and this company ensures fair wages for all their workers both foreign and domestic. All of their sheets are inspected in America before being available for purchase.

I was specifically looking for hypoallergenic sheets, so these checked the box in that category. LuxClub’s blended fabric of bamboo and microfiber creates a natural defense to allergens. LuxClub is even sure to specifically use people who suffer from allergies to test their sheets. These testers slept well and didn’t experience any allergy flare-ups.

LuxClub Bamboo sheets are surprisingly soft. I have tried a lot of different sheet options including high-quality Egyptian cotton and these sheets are very competitive in the comfort and softness category. LuxClub claims that the softness is due to their unique weave and material blend of bamboo and microfiber.

One of the best things about these sheets is they are low-maintenance and wrinkle-free! They do not contain any harsh chemicals that will eventually wash out and reveal wrinkles. These sheets are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. As you spread them over your bed, watch any wrinkles disappear without having to use an iron.

If you are a hot sleeper, these sheets are a great option. They feature moisture-wicking capabilities that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Size and Color Options

One of my favorite things about these sheets is the vast variety of sizes and colors offered. These sheets come in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

In addition to all the sizing options, these sheets come in forty different color options! Whether you are using them for your main bedroom, a guest room, a child’s room, or even a dorm room, you are sure to find a color that matches your décor. I purchased this set in “Light Taupe” and couldn’t be happier with this beautiful neutral color.

Each size set comes with 6 pieces (except the Split King which is 7 pieces) and fits a mattress up to 18 inches deep. This means that if you have a mattress topper or thick memory foam mattress, these sheets will fit perfectly on your bed.

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What are Other Customers Saying About LuxClub Sheets?

I am not the only customer impressed with the quality and softness of the LuxClub bamboo sheet set. These sheets have garnered rave reviews from many happy customers.

Most notably, people comment on the softness of these sheets and their wrinkle-free qualities. Many customers enjoy how lightweight they are, and hot sleepers tend to be very comfortable throughout the night.

Other people have decided that after trying a variety of different sheets including Egyptian cotton, Peruvian cotton, Pima cotton and many other luxury sheet materials at a very high price point, these LuxClub sheets are actually their favorite.

It is a common theme to see customers purchase several sets of these sheets for every room in their house.

If you’re looking for other options for sheets, read my review about these True Luxury Egyptian Cotton sheets HERE.

Final Thoughts

These sheets are some of the most affordable on the market and I was initially hesitant about how good of quality they would be. I am happy to report that the LuxClub 6-piece Bamboo Sheet Set did live up to its description. These sheets are not only affordable, but they are soft, durable, come in beautiful colors, and are high quality.

LuxClub 6-Piece Bamboo Sheet Set
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Related Questions:

Are Bamboo Sheets Healthier Than Cotton?

Bamboo sheets have many qualities that make them more healthy than regular cotton sheets. Bamboo sheets tend to be more breathable than cotton sheets. This reduces the amount of moisture in your bed. Bamboo sheets are also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. These qualities reduce the presence of allergens in your bed like dust mites.

How Do You Wash Bamboo Sheets?

It is recommended that you wash bamboo sheets wit cold water on a gentle cycle. You should also wash them separately from other laundry and use a mild detergent. For drying, tumble dry on low heat.

Are Bamboo Sheets Really Cooling?

Yes. Bamboo sheets will feel cooler to the touch than a normal cotton sheet. They are also more breathable and moisture-wicking. A bamboo sheet will absorb 40% more water than regular cotton so you will stay more drier and cooler while you sleep.

Do Bamboo Sheets Get Softer Over Time?

Yes. Because Bamboo sheets are made from bamboo fibers, they do not have loose thread ends. This allows the fibers to relax over time without destroying the integrity of the material. This means that as the sheets are used and wash, they will get softer but still remain durable.

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