The 5 Best Sheets for Murphy Beds: Comfy & Durable

Murphy beds are a great way to add comfortable sleeping accommodations to a small space. Murphy beds come in all sizes, and sometimes it can be challenging to find the right fit sheet for these fold-up beds.

If the sheet fits too loose, it may fall or become wrinkled when the bed is folded away. If the sheets are too tight, the edges might slip off the corners of the mattress, causing your nice clean sheets to fall on the floor.

Best Sheets for a Murphy Bed

After researching and trying several different sheet sets on my queen-size Murphy bed, I found that these five sheet sets are the best sheets for Murphy beds.

What are the 5 Best Sheets for Murphy Beds?

Our Top Pick: Clara Clark Short Queen Microfiber Sheets

After reviewing several sheet sets and trying them on my queen-sized Murphy bed, I found that the Clara Clark sheet set is the best one for a Murphy bed.

Clara Clark Microfiber Sheets
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8.5 Total Score
Review of the Clara Clark Microfiber Sheet Set

I rated these microfiber sheets by Clara Clark in several basic categories: softness, comfort, value, durability, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Customer Satisfaction
  • Low profile fitted sheet perfect for Murphy beds
  • Double brushed microfiber
  • Fade, stain, shrink, and wrinkle-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • It can only be used on mattresses 10” thick or less
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The Perfect Size Sheet

When you have a Murphy bed, you know that you must consider weight and thickness when choosing a mattress, which will affect the size sheets you need. I love the Clara Clark Microfiber sheets because they perfectly fit a 10” thick mattress. These sheets are designed for an RV or motorhome mattress, so the fitted sheet includes elastic all the way around, ensuring a snug, secure fit perfect for a Murphy bed.

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Features of the Clara Clark Microfiber Sheets

For such an affordable price, these sheets have great features that make them stand out from other sheets on the market.

Double Brushed Microfiber

These sheets are made from the best quality microfiber and are double brushed on both sides for increased softness. After I washed them for the first time, they actually felt even softer.

Fade, Stain, Shrink, and Wrinkle Resistant

So far, the Clara Clark sheets have proved to be very durable. They didn’t shrink or fade after several washes and are easy to clean. They are machine washable and can be dried at a low temperature. I love that they are wrinkle-resistant, so they look fresh and neat each time I unfold my Murphy bed.

Available Options

These sheets only come in queen size and can only fit a 10” inch thick mattress, so they will not work for everyone; however, they come in various gorgeous colors, making them easy to match your current bedding. You can choose from 26 colors, including beach blue, garden green, and eggplant.

Overall Thoughts on the Clara Clark Microfiber Sheets

These sheets are luxuriously soft, and if your Murphy bed has a 10-inch-thick mattress or less, they are sure to fit snugly and smoothly. I love that the fitted sheet has elastic around the edges, so I don’t have to worry about the sheets slipping off when I fold the bed away. Each time I unfold my Murphy bed, these sheets look clean, fresh, and ready for a great night’s sleep.

The Runner Up: California Design Den Hypoallergenic Cotton Sheets

The California Design Den Hypoallergenic Cotton Sheets offers Murphy bed owners many size and color options to find the perfect sheet set. Each option is 100% cotton and top quality.

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Size and Color Options

These 100% cotton sheets come in the following sizes:

  • Twin
  • Twin XL
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Split King

It doesn’t matter what size Murphy bed you have; you will be able to find an option that fits your mattress.

I also love the selection of twenty vibrant colors, some of which include a subtle stripe pattern. You will have no problem picking a color and pattern that matches your current décor.

Top Quality and Hypoallergenic

One great feature of these sheets is that they are 100% and hypoallergenic. I find this extra important for Murphy bed sheets which are folded away with the bed all day. These sheets are breathable and moisture-wicking, so you will stay cool and comfortable all night long.

All California Design Den sheets are STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX, so you can be sure these sheets are ethically manufactured and free from harmful substances and synthetics.

Negatives of the California Design Den Sheets

My only concern with these sheets for a Murphy bed specifically is that the fitted sheet is a deep pocket sheet. This could be too loose on some Murphy bed mattresses causing the sheets to come off the corners of the mattress. If you opt for this sheet set, you may want to invest in a bedsheet hugger or a bed scrunchie to keep your sheets in place.

Overall Thoughts on the 100% Cotton Hypoallergenic Sheets

The fact that these sheets are 100% cotton and hypoallergenic are what sets them apart for me. When the bed is made and folded away, you can be sure that these sheets are not collecting dust particles and allergens that may disrupt your sleep later.

Specifically for Murphy Beds: Cottingon Murphy Wall Bed Cotton Sheets

Cottingon created these sheets with Murphy beds specifically in mind, so you know they are sure to fit and work great for any size Murphy bed you may have. The Cottingon sheets are 100% cotton, extra soft, and the pockets perfectly fit Murphy beds.

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Color and Size Selection

These Murphy bed sheets come in several sizes, including:

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King

Unlike some fitted sheets that may have pockets too deep for a Murphy bed mattress, these fitted sheets are designed to fit a slimmer mattress from 4 inches to 8 inches thick.

You can purchase these sheets in ivory, grey, or pure white.

Pros and Cons of the Cottingon Murphy Bed Sheets

The Cottingon sheets have several pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing.

  • Made specifically for Murphy beds
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Cannot fit a mattress thicker than 8 inches
  • Only three color options

Overall Thoughts on the Cottingon Sheets

When looking for the best sheets for a Murphy bed, it is great to find a company that designs sheets specifically for this need. If you have a thinner mattress on your Murphy bed, you can be sure that these sheets will fit perfectly.

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The Luxurious Option: Bedsure Bamboo Sheet Set

If you use your Murphy bed for your everyday sleeper, you may want to splurge and get a more luxurious sheet set. The Bedsure 100% Bamboo sheets are the perfect option. These sheets are soft, breathable, durable, and perfect for sensitive skin.

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Why is 100% Bamboo so Great?

Bedsure creates their sheets with 100% viscose made from bamboo without any other ingredients. Bamboo is naturally thermoregulating, so it will wick away moisture and keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night. These sheets are naturally silky soft, easy to clean, and machine washable.

Pros and Cons of the Bedsure Sheet Set

While these sheets aren’t made specifically for Murphy beds, they have several positive features that will make them suitable for any bed type.

  • Fitted sheet has a gripping all-around elastic band perfect for Murphy beds
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 16” inch deep pockets may be too large for some Murphy beds

Overall Thoughts on the Bedsure Sheet Set

I love that these sheets are actually 100% bamboo and not a bamboo blend that you find with cheaper options. They are ultra-soft and great for anyone with sensitive skin. If you have a more standard mattress on your Murphy bed, these should work great, especially if you sleep in your Murphy bed every night.

Clara Clark Microfiber Sheets
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The Budget Option: Amazon Basics Lightweight Microfiber Sheets

The Amazon Basics Microfiber sheets are a great option if your Murphy bed is in a guest room and not used regularly. If you just need a sheet set for rare occasions, this set will do the job and hold up well over time.

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Features of the Amazon Basics Sheets

The Amazon sheets are 100% polyester microfiber, so they are soft and durable. Some people find this kind of microfiber on the warmer side, but if you sleep cold, they may be perfect. These sheets feature an all-around elastic 14-inch fitted sheet which should fit most Murphy beds perfectly.

Size and Color Options

I love that the Amazon sheets come in an array of colors and sizes, so you shouldn’t have an issue matching these sheets to your other bedding or décor. You can choose from over 40 colors and patterns in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, or California king sizes.

Pros and Cons of the Amazon Basics Sheets

  • Wrinkle and fade resistant
  • Easy to clean and machine washable
  • STANDARD 100 Certified OEKO-TEX
  • Not as high quality as other brands available
  • Will pill after a few months use

Amazon Basics Sheets Overall Thoughts

If you are on a tighter budget and need sheets to cover a guest room Murphy bed, the Amazon basic microfiber sheets will do in a pinch. They look great and will fit most Murphy beds securely. If you plan on using your Murphy bed every day or have this bed in a rental property, I recommend upgrading to a higher quality sheet for more durability and longevity.

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