[Our Zinus Lottie Bed Frame Review]: Tested for Three Years

Zinus is a bed frame and mattress brand that is regularly applauded for its excellent designs and comfort. Their beds are getting tons of positive reviews for their durability and also having that exclusive, visually appealing look of beds found in upscale hotels. More importantly, Zinus offers great value and reliability in the bed frames.

The Zinus Lottie Bed Frame Review: How Does This Platform Bed Stack Up?

We have purchased this bed and have run it through the ringer over several years, and can truly say that the Zinus Lottie is a worthy purchase. If you’re curious about the price of a Lottie, click here. If you want to know more before you purchase, keep reading this handy guide.

Learn more about the Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame.
The Zinus Lottie is one of the most popular beds on Amazon. Check the prices on Amazon today. >>
9.8 Total Score
The Zinus Lottie Platform Bed: How Does It Rate?

The Lottie platform bed is one of the most well-liked, aesthetically-pleasing beds we’ve seen on the market. That’s why its overall rating is a solid 9.5.

Customer Satisfaction
  • Durable steel frame with flexible wooden slats
  • Extremely comfortable for most people
  • Capable of supporting up to 700 pounds
  • Elegant padded headboard with a true grey fabric exterior
  • Easy to install
  • Doesn’t come instantly set up
  • Laggy and unresponsive customer service
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Features Of The Zinus Lottie Platform Bed

We are very pleased with this bed frame. The elevated platform bed has a tufted exterior with a rich, sturdy grey fabric. The headboard has a gorgeous square tufted texture that gives the bed frame a pretty, modern, and gender-neutral look. Here’s how it looks in our Airbnb:

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The feature that most buyers tend to notice the most about the Zinus Lottie platform bed is that it’s made with convenience in mind–we sure did. The bed is lightweight, coming in at around 100 pounds when it’s packed up for delivery. All the parts and tools come with it, and are located right in the zippered pouch of the headboard. Pretty cool.

Zinus Lottie Assembly

In terms of tools, all you need is the included wrench to set it up. So, if you’re leery of having to worry about difficult IKEA-style instructions, don’t panic. This took about an hour to assemble and the instructions were clear–and in English.

How Durable is the Lottie Platform Bed?

When you’re talking about Zinus, the standout feature is always durability. While the bed itself is only around 120 pounds, the truth is that these beds are meant to work wonders when it comes to durability. We found the bed to be very sturdy, with no creaking or movement of the frame, and after two years of use, it is still just as sturdy as when it was purchased.

In regard to the mattress support, the bed slats are so close together, so there is no need for a box spring. The mattress and the slatting have not sagged after a couple years of good use, so we are definitely pleased.

The smallest Lottie bed Zinus makes, the twin, can support up to 350 pounds. If you’re a person who wants to have a partner in bed, then the Lottie will not disappoint. All bed sizes above twin are capable of holding up to (or over) 700 pounds.

Due to the sheer durability of the Lottie platform bed, we want to give this bed a 10 out of 10 for durability.

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Additional Design Features

Part of the comfortability of the design is the fact that slats are spaced between 2.8 and 3.3 inches apart. This gives your mattress a little give, but also gives your mattress enough protection to stay in shape for longer.

The durability of the platform bed comes from its steel frame. Though it’s a bed platform made of metal, it’s not the tough, rigid feeling bed frame you typically see. To help cushion the platform’s frame, Zinus added some heavy-foam padding around the entire thing. This gives you a bounce back worth writing home about.

This bed is great for people who want to have an elegant-looking bed but don’t want to have too much to haul. The Lottie model is only 100 pounds, which means that it is one of the easiest models to bring up stairs. It also only takes two people a couple of hours to assemble, too.

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How Do Customers Feel About The Zinus Lottie Platform Bed?

The Zinus Lottie platform bed is one of the more highly-rated beds of its kind on the market. This is not surprising, since Zinus is a fairly popular brand. This is one of the highest-rated beds, from one of the highest-rated brands on Amazon. The vast majority of people give it a five-star rating—a testament to its awesome design.

One thing that stands out is a divide when it comes to the official assembly suggestions and the reviewers’ experiences. A large percentage of reviewers note that they were able to assemble the bed alone, often with times under two hours. This makes it one of the more easy-to-assemble beds from Zinus by user reviews.

Learn more about the Zinus Lottie Platform Bed Frame.
The Zinus Lottie is one of the most popular beds on Amazon. Check the prices on Amazon today. >>

In terms of sleep quality and mattress protection quality, most buyers are extremely happy with what the Lottie offers. People note that this bed frame has minimal squeaking. Whatever does squeak, often stops after the first night. A high level of comfort is regularly mentioned, which means that picky sleepers won’t mind this bed.

There are a small number of reviews that do have complaints about the Lottie. The most common issues that people mention are the unresponsive customer service as well as having some of the supplies come in damaged. Damaged beds, for what it’s worth, do get replaced by the company.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, we’re going to rate the Lottie platform bed a 9.8 out of 10. When it comes to the bargain value of the bed frame, we believe it to be an amazing deal. This makes it an overall rating of 9.8—a truly awesome investment in your sleep.

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