[Zinus Dori Platform Bed Review]: Is This Upholstered Bed Frame Worth It?

Zinus is an up-and-coming name in the bed frame world, and that’s not surprising. They’ve quickly gained a reputation among buyers for making reliable, comfortable, and sturdy bed frames. The Zinus Dori platform bed is one of their newest offerings—and it’s an upholstered bed frame that’s racking up accolades.

Our Zinus Dori Platform Bed Review: Is it all Looks or a Well-Rounded Bed?

The Zinus Dori is a very durable, elegant bed. After using this bed for over a year, we are truly impressed with its good structure, sturdy legs, and overall look.

Learn more about the Zinus Dori Platform Bed Frame
The Zinus Dori platform bed frame offers a gorgeous, upholstered sleeping setting. Click button to check out the prices! >>

This wood slat-supported bed frame doesn’t require a box spring to support you or your mattress. If you’re curious about what the Zinus Dori costs, CLICK HERE. Otherwise, keep reading to find out all of the details about this hot, stylish bed.

9.5 Total Score
Our Review of the Zinus Dori Bed Frame

Here's our ratings for the Zinus Dori, covering all of the bed's features, including Value, Durability, and Looks.

  • Sturdy Construction
  • Fast Assembly
  • Quality Headboard Stitching
  • Some Reported Bed Was Delivered Damaged
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Features of the Dori Platform Bed

The Dori Platform bed is an upholstered, upgraded take on many other Zinus platform bed frames. The biggest draw for the Dori platform bed is that it’s an upholstered bed frame that was designed to be easy to transport and even easier to set up.

Installation of the Dori Lottie Bed Frame

When you order the bed, it comes with all the tools that you need to assemble it well. More specifically, the bed comes with the Zinus ratchet, a small handheld tool specially designed to help you snap the parts of the platform bed into place. Despite the ease of use, the Zinus Dori remains impressively sturdy.

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Getting it shipped is a breeze, as is the act of getting all the materials out of the box. All of the parts and tools you need are neatly tucked into the zippered compartment as part of the headboard. As long as you have a friend to help you, installation should only take a couple of hours.

The square-stitched upholstery of the Zinus Dori is remarkably well built. People who are tired of having to deal with Ikea-style assembly will love the easy assembly of the Dori.

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The Standout Feature of the Dori Platform Bed: Durability

If there had to be one feature we needed to celebrate, then it would be the Zinus Dori’s durability. The bottom of the platform frame is made of steel. Wood slats are there to help support the mattress evenly without the need for a traditional box spring. To help avoid sagging in the mattress, the Dori also has a center support rail that props up the mattress.

Between the tested and true support, the excellent steel-based build, and the exceptional durability, we have to give this bed a solid 9 out of 10 for durability.

Oh, and if you happen to be a little hefty? You don’t have to worry. The Zinus Dori twin can handle up to 350 pounds for a twin, and over 700 pounds for all other sizes!


Zinus stands behind its workmanship more than most other major companies do. They offer a 5-year warranty on the Dori Platform bed series, regardless of the size.

Additional Design Features

Zinus Dori Headboard

The Zinus Dori bed is one of the best beds for people who want to have a stylistic twist to their bed. The headboard is a square-stitched wingback model that cradles you gently and gives you a little extra cushioning. Most people would liken the design to the type of bed you find in an upscale hotel.

Bed Slats

In terms of added benefits, you’re going to love how the Zinus Dori loves your mattress. The bed slats are closely spaced together, giving any mattress you have the support it needs. This, in turn, gives your mattress the support necessary to last longer than it would with a typical bed.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy

Though this bed has a body that feels quite solid, it’s still fairly lightweight. To improve portability, the engineers at Zinus made sure that kits weighed under 150 pounds altogether. So while it’s sturdy, it’s not going to be too hard to haul up your stairs.

Zinus Dori Alternatives

Not a fan of the wingback look? Zinus has a similar model called the Zinus Lottie, which has the same dark grey material and square-stitched look without the wingback addition.

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How Do Customers Feel About The Zinus Dori Platform Bed?

If you check the Zinus Dori’s reviews, it becomes pretty clear. Customers can’t stop raving about how wonderful their sleep is once they lay down in their new bed. The most common features mentioned include the excellent stability of the bed (including during couples’ activities) as well as the excellent weight-bearing ability it has.

Learn more about the Zinus Dori Platform Bed Frame
The Zinus Dori platform bed frame offers a gorgeous, upholstered sleeping setting. Click button to check out the prices! >>

Of course, there’s also a lot to say about the design itself. Zinus makes a point of creating elegant beds that are deceptively easy to put together. As most of us already know, assembling furniture is not exactly anyone’s idea of a fun time. The emphasis Zinus put on making it easy and fast paid off big time!

Speaking of design, it’s good to know that customers are also crazy about the way their beds look in their homes. It’s easy to see why. The Zinus has an effortlessly cool, “resort chic” look that is both timeless and slightly futuristic at the same time. If you have a home that you want to have decked out like a hotel, this is the Zinus for you.

In many cases, good looks tend to translate into an uncomfortable bed. This is not the case here. Customers regularly mention how thankful they are that their Zinus Dori feels just as good as it looks. The platform’s upholstery is soft and touchable, yet firm enough to add extra cushion around the mattress.

Though the vast majority of the review we found were positive, there were a couple of complaints about the bed frame arriving damaged. In some cases, a quick replacement was on the way after a chat with customer service, however, some people found the service to be lacking.

Because the reviews are overwhelmingly positive yet there were occasional complaints with durability, we gave Zinus Dori a 9 for customer satisfaction. However, since the general consensus was exceptionally positive and most viewed it as a great bargain, our final verdict is that it’s a 9.5 out of 10 overall.

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