The Best Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Trundle Beds for Adults

If you’re starting to feel cramped, you’re not alone. 6/10 Americans are looking for more room, according to the Pew Research Center, and a trundle bed is your less expensive solution. But what makes an excellent trundle bed? That is a great question, and we want to help you get right to the point.

Best Heavy Duty Pop Up Trundle Beds for Adults

Here is our review of the top five heavy-duty pop-up trundle beds for adults.

Which are the Five Best Heavy-Duty Pop-Up Trundle Beds for Adults?

Weight Capacity Comparison Chart:

ItemWeight Capacity
Coaster Twin Pop-up Trundle200 lbs.
King’s Brand Metal Bed with Pop-up Trundle250 lbs.
Merax Daybed with Pop-up Trundle220 lbs.
Dream Solutions Daybed with Pop-up Trundle250 lbs.
Hillsdale Furniture Pop-up Trundle250 lbs.

Our Favorite Choice: Coaster Twin Pop-up

The Coastal Twin Pop-Up Trundle is the best heavy-duty pop-up trundle available. This bed has a simple design that fits any aesthetic and comes at a fantastic price.

Coaster Twin Pop-up Trundle
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9 Total Score
Our Review of Coaster Twin Pop-up

We rated the Coaster Twin Pop-up in a number of categories including ease of assembly, design, value, quality and customer satisfaction.  Here are the results:

Ease of Assembly
Customer Satisfaction
  • Easy to assemble with no power tools, and a single person
  • Great value for a quality item
  • Flexible design that fits nicely in any space
  • Durability that guarantees a great night's sleep
  • Stable and quiet
  • Slightly Less Weight Capacity
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What Makes the Coaster Twin Pop-up Trundle Great?

The Coastal has everything you need in a trundle bed. It is sturdy, durable, and flexible. It compresses down to 6 inches when stored with a mattress and can extend to 17 inches. This trundle’s simple black design means it can fit in any style of living space imaginable and will hardly be noticed when stored.

The versatility offered by the Coastal is made more potent by the fact that you can purchase this trundle individually, as opposed to as a daybed set. Its versatility is one of its greatest assets because you can easily integrate this piece with the furniture you already own.

Finally, this piece boasts ease of assembly. Assembling the Coastal Trundle is a breeze. When the item is delivered, it will come in two parts, the frame, and the spring set. To assemble, you screw four screws at the corners of the frame to attach the spring set. That’s it! Assembly only takes a few minutes and can be done as a single-person job. Check out the Coaster Trundle here!

$232.64 $379.99
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Does the Coaster Twin Pop-up Trundle Have Any Downsides?

The only downside is the weight capacity. The manufacturer recommends 200 lbs. maximum, 50 pounds less than most of the other options on this list. However, this bed races past the competition in all other assessment areas.

Runner Up: King’s Brand Metal Bed with Pop-Up Trundle

The King’s Brand Metal Bed and Pop-Up Trundle came close to clinching the title. King’s Brand offers the same durability and elegant minimalism as the winner. The bed fits a standard twin mattress, and the trundle lifts a second twin to be level with the bed but is a separate piece of furniture that can move anywhere you want. Click here to see the great option for yourself

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Pros of the King’s Brand Metal Bed with Pop-Up Trundle:

This set comes in two colors, black and white. The simple frame and color options ensure this frame brings precious space-saving efficiency into any room. In addition, both the bed and trundle have a 250 lb. weight capacity, perfect for family and friends alike.

King’s Brand also ships the trundle fully assembled. To build this piece, all you need to do is assemble the bed, which requires a few screws, and the manufacturer sends the tools necessary with the item. Once you complete the frame, slide the pre-built trundle underneath it, and you’re ready to impress your visitors.

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Cons of the King’s Brand Metal Bed with Pop-Up Trundle:

The biggest issue with the King’s Brand set is that it comes as a set. With a set, you have two options, either replace an existing piece or integrate a new piece into a space that may not need it. Obviously, if you need a new piece of furniture, it doesn’t matter, but you may be out of luck if you aren’t.

Additionally, the inclusion of the bed frame makes this set a slightly more expensive option.

Notable Mention: Merax Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle

Merax offers another daybed and pop-up trundle set. Their item comes in black and silver, providing some design flexibility, but the industrial look of this piece is what caught our eye. The frames of both items are made of heavy-duty curved metal pipes, which guarantee stability and look incredible. The daybed and trundle fit a standard twin mattress.

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Pros of the Merax Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle:

The industrial design mentioned above is exquisite, but the most outstanding component of this set is the price. Check on the price yourself if you don’t believe us. This item is the most budget-friendly item on our list, even as a complete set. So, feel free to sell or give away the bed frame if you can’t get it to fit into your space.

Also, the bed frame and trundle tout 220 pounds of weight capacity, so your guests can sleep soundly through the night.

Cons of the Merax Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle:

The most significant downside to the Merax daybed and pop-up trundle set must be the assembly. The manufacturer will send you the appropriate tools, but both items come entirely disassembled, and assembly will most likely require two people.

Dream Solutions Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle:

The Dream Solution’s Daybed with pop-up trundle is best described as the utility option. The metal frames of both the daybed and trundle are baseline products that come without any pomp or design augmentations of any of the other frames listed. Despite its “function over form” style, the Dream Solution’s set answers the fundamental questions when considering a trundle bed.

Mainly, it answers the question of how to save space.

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Pros of the Dream Solutions Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle:

Firstly, the trundle is not bracketed to the daybed, so feel free to take the trundle and put it anywhere it can fit. In this case, its practical design works to its benefit. It integrates well with anything it fits under. It also has a 250-pound weight limit that works great for children and adults.

The manufacturer exchanged aesthetic for function in this piece, so what this frame lacks in design, it makes up for stability. In addition, both the frame and the trundle are easily assembled and require little maintenance to keep working overtime. The manufacturer also proudly announces that all their items are made in the U.S.A.

Click here if this frame is the right one for you.

Cons of the Dream Solutions Daybed with Pop-Up Trundle:

The Dream Solution’s design limitations are clear, but the price makes the problem worse. Regardless of its functional design, the set is the second most expensive option on this list. Considering you are buying an American-made bed frame and trundle, it makes sense, but you are still spending a little more and getting a little less.

Coaster Twin Pop-up Trundle
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Hillsdale Furniture Pop-Up Trundle:

Our final listing is the Hillsdale pop-up trundle. This item is not a daybed trundle set; it is a stand-alone trundle that fits a standard twin mattress. The frame holds the standard 250-pound weight capacity and requires light assembly without power tools when it arrives.

This trundle takes a unique approach to its bed base. Most trundles come with a metal spring system, but this option uses wooden slats that add variety to the overall market. If you find those metal springs uncomfortable, then consider the Hillsdale Pop-up.

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Pros of the Hillsdale Furniture Pop-Up Trundle:

This piece is the only available trundle worth mentioning that uses wooden slats instead of metal springs. This makes it our go-to if you find metal springs inadequate and don’t want to subject your guests to them.

Additionally, this trundle is one of the few available options not sold as a daybed trundle set. So, when you receive your trundle, you do not have to worry about what you will do with the additional daybed.

Cons of the Hillsdale Furniture Pop-Up Trundle:

The fact the manufacturer swapped the metal springs with wooden slats is both a blessing and a curse. Most furniture wood gets treated with formaldehyde which is a known carcinogenic. Over time, the wood breakdown and releases a small amount of toxic gas that can cause cancer.

Also, this item is generally about as expensive as a daybed trundle set.

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