The 5 Best Bed Frames for Bed Bugs: Here’s Why Metal is Key…

If you have ever been a victim of a bed bug infestation, you know how difficult it is to get rid of these pests. The best way to avoid bed bugs is to take preventative measures in your bedroom. This starts with finding a bed frame that makes it difficult for bed bugs to survive.

If you want a bed frame to prevent bed bugs, a metal frame is your best option. Wood and fabric bed frames provide bed bugs with tufts, folds, and crevices to hide, making them susceptible to infestation. Bed bugs find it easier to climb textured surfaces, so smooth metal poses an issue for these pests. Metal bed frames don’t usually have big headboards that provide a haven for bed bugs, either.

Best Bed Frame for Bed Bugs

After reviewing several different bed frames, I found that these five metal bed frames are the best bed frames to avoid bed bug infestations.

What are the 5 Best Bed Frames for Bed Bugs?

Our Top Pick: Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed Frame

After reviewing several meal bed frames, I found that the Florence platform bed made by Zinus is the best bed frame for bed bugs.

Zinus Florence Metal Bed Frame
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Review of the Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed Frame

I rated this bed frame by Zinus in several basic categories: sturdiness, value, design, durability, and customer satisfaction. Here are my results:

Customer Satisfaction
  • Versatile design fits any style
  • No box spring is necessary
  • Underbed storage space
  • Easy to assemble
  • No major negative aspects
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Features of the Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed

For an all-around study, dependable, great-looking metal bed, look no further than the Zinus Florence Platform Bed. When I decided to purchase a metal bed frame for my rental property to avoid bed bugs, I chose to go with this Zinus platform bed in the queen size. I couldn’t be happier with my selection because this bed has a ton of great features.

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Extra Sturdy and No Box Spring Required

The Zinus Florence bed is made from sturdy alloy steel. The frame features durable slats 7 inches apart for mattress support, so you don’t need to use a box spring. This is important when avoiding bed bugs because box springs are just one more place bed bugs can hide.

Versatile Style

This bed frame comes in several color options:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White

It has a spindle headboard and footboard and a curved silhouette, so you can match this bed with so many different decors. This frame will look beautiful whether you are going for a farmhouse look, industrial design, or just a traditional bedroom.

Extra Storage Space

I consider it a bonus when I get extra storage space when purchasing a piece of furniture. The Zinus Florence bed frame provides 10 inches of clearance space under the bed. This is perfect if you need storage space in a smaller room.

Overall Thoughts on the Zinus Florence Metal Platform Bed

I can’t say enough good things about this bed, and it is a great option for any bedroom. Its versatile style and high-quality sturdiness at a very competitive price make it a win for me. Zinus provides a worry-free 5-year warranty, so you can be sure your purchase is protected.

The Runner Up: Sha Cerlin Metal Platform Bed with Modern Wood Headboard

If an all-metal bed isn’t your style and you need a pop of wood detail, the Sha Cerlin Metal Platform Bed is a great option for you. This bed features a beautiful woodgrain headboard and footboard. The wood, however, is smooth, making it difficult for bed bugs to infest this frame.

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Design and Style

The Sha Cerlin bed has a modern design with 1.3” wide iron tubes. The curved edges and woodgrain detail make this bed a simple statement piece perfect for any bedroom.

Standout Features

My favorite feature about the Sha Cerlin bed is the unique rubber lock design that firmly holds the slats. It also contains an EVO sponge that reduces friction from the steel frame, which will eliminate any squeaky noises. The legs on this frame even come with plastic plugs to prevent any scratches on your floor.

This bed frame has a 12” under-bed clearance, so you have plenty of extra storage space, and it is easy to clean underneath.

Negatives of the Sha Cerlin Metal Bed

Although this bed features a beautiful headboard, it is low. If you have a thicker mattress, it will hide the wood grain detail and might not look right. For the best look, I would recommend not exceeding a 10-inch-thick mattress.

Sha Cerlin Metal Platform Bed Overall Thoughts

If you want a bed that will deter bed bugs but don’t like the look of a solid metal frame, the Sha Cerlin platform bed is a great option. It has a beautiful wood detail headboard and footboard that will add a pop of style to any bedroom.

Sleek and Modern: Ambee21 Modern Metal Bed with Headboard

Sometimes a bedroom just needs a simple, sleek bed frame to tie together a stylish look. The Ambee21 Modern Metal Bed has an elegant, polished look that compliments any décor.

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Features of the Ambee21 Bed Frame

In addition to the premium powder-coated finish that will make this bed almost impossible for bed bugs to climb, the Ambee21 bed frame boasts some impressive features.

Solid and Sturdy and No Box Spring Necessary

The Ambee21 bed frame is made of heavy-duty steel slats to provide optimum support for your mattress, preventing sagging and increasing your mattress life. This metal bed frame is efficiently designed and constructed to eliminate the need for a box spring.

Easy Push Assembly

Ambee21 eliminated as many nuts and bolts as possible with this unique design. The metal slats follow an easy push assembly design. All the hardware and tools you need to assemble this bed is included.

Under Bed Storage Space

This bed frame has 13 inches of vertical under-bed clearance. This gives you plenty of storage space, so this bed is perfect for smaller rooms.

Pros and Cons of the Ambee21 Metal Bedframe

The Ambee21 bed frame has several pros and cons that should be considered before purchasing.


  • Timeless modern design
  • Premium powder coat finish
  • Ample under bed storage space


  • Misaligned holes make assembly difficult

Overall Thoughts on the Ambee21 Metal Bedframe

The Ambee21 Metal bedframe is a great option if you are searching for a simple, elegant modern metal bed frame. It is durable, high quality, and will look great in most bedrooms.

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The Vintage Option: Elegant Home Products Victorian Style Platform Metal Bed

The Elegant Home Products Victorian style bed features an intricate metal headboard and footboard that is perfect if you are going for a vintage look in your bedroom. This bed is constructed from heavy-duty steel, so it is solid and supportive.

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Double Row Support System

I love that this bed features a unique double-row support system with ten legs. This makes it extra solid and supportive. You can put your mattress on this frame without a box spring, and you know your mattress will be supported.

Pros and Cons of the Victorian Metal Bed

This bed frame features several positive elements and a couple of things that could be improved.


  • 12 inches of under-bed storage space
  • Four available color finishes
  • Intricate Victorian design


  • Difficult to assemble
  • It can be squeaky if not assembled correctly
  • It does not come in King size

Overall Thoughts on the Elegant Home Products Victorian Bed

This bed is great if you are looking for that specific Victorian style. I love that this bed has four color options, so you can choose the bed option for your décor. This bed is sturdy and made from high-quality steel. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

The Budget Option: Zinus Yelena Metal Platform Bed

The Zinus Yelena Metal Platform Bed is a practical yet durable metal bed frame. This bed is an excellent option if you are trying to deter bed bug infestations because it doesn’t have a headboard, footboard, or any intricate design features that bed bugs could hide in.

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Features of the Zinus Yelena Bed

Even though this bed is basic, it has a couple of notable features, making it a valuable purchase.

No Box Spring Necessary

This bed features durable steel slats support, so you don’t need a box spring to support your mattress. Eliminating a box spring is essential if you’re worried about bed bugs.

Sturdy and Durable

The Zinus Yelena is constructed of alloy steel. The twin size supports a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, while all other sizes can support up to 700 pounds.

Zinus Florence Metal Bed Frame
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Headboard Compatible

If you would like to add a headboard to this design, it conveniently comes with pre-drilled holes in two of the legs, so if you choose, you can add a headboard later.

Extra Storage Space

This bedframe has 14 inches of ground clearance, providing plenty of space for additional storage.

Zinus Yelena Bed Frame Overall Thoughts

If you want to purchase a durable, quality metal bedframe without breaking the bank, the Zinus Yelena platform bed is a great option for you. This bed is simple yet very reliable. If you are worried about bed bugs, the practical design of this bed that lacks an intricate headboard and eliminates a box spring will help prevent bed bug infestations.

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